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  1. Hi! Testing LineageOS 14.1, and it works very well!!! Tried LineageOS 13, and ran into problems! When I format system and data, do I have to mount these partitions before formatting? Did that on 14.1 and all vent well. Can I enable "large icons" for this rom? It does not work on my phone. It would be great for us "senior citicens"!! :-) :-) I've tested to get USB OTG enabled. Is it possible on the Open C? Thanks for the work you are making on this device/webbe!
  2. This new rom works well!! I used: tk_gapps-modular-pico-5.1.1-20150920-signed.zip One problem: Didn't get the kalendar to sync on my two phones (both). Had to put the calendar app from "cm-12.1-20150905-UNOFFICIAL-KonstaKANG-kis3.zip" to make it sync. Anyone else had this problem? Everything else works sofar! Thanks for your work KonstaT!!
  3. Hi Konsta! I have this on one phone, and 0506 on another. I had problems with a previous one (perhaps 0423), it could hang when asleep. This I have not notised yet on the later ones. It works fine on my phones! I noticed that UMS is working, but I have to connect to the computer first. No problems sofar. I have not tried MMS, but.... Best regards/Webbe
  4. webbe

    ZTE Kis 3 / ZTE Open C stock ROMs

    Hi Konsta! Thanks a lot for the help!!!! I took this weekend and made 2 KIS 3 from 2 Open C. It worked perfect. The WinFlasher gives me "hiccups". Lots of errormessages from USB, but it works. There's the cause to my question about the Winflasher. The ADB interface on one of my Linuxmachines (KDE), can not flash "fastboot flash recovery recoveryXXXX.img". So I must use a recovery on the PC to flash the recovery (I use CWM to flash CWM, and Stock to flash EU_FFOS+to+Android). Now I have CM11 and CM12 with 2 GB data! Again! Thanks a lot for the help!!!
  5. webbe

    ZTE Kis 3 / ZTE Open C stock ROMs

    Hi Konsta! I have 2 Open C EU, which I have flashed to Android, and then installed CM11 (I got help from you). Both have the 1 Gb data partition. Is it correct, that I must use the Win Flasher (upgrade tool) to convert it to Kis 3 and get 2 Gb data partition? Is it correct that I can't, repartition whith ADB. Can I use the "(Generic - Flash tool firmware)" on first page to do this(marked with 3 ???)? ro.build.display.id=ZTE_KIS_III_V1.0 ro.build.inner.version=GEN_EU_P821E10V1.0.0B06 ro.build.version.release=4.4.2 Do I have to flash a stock recovery before and if I use the WinFlasher? Should I erase CEFS if I use the WinFlasher? If I use the Winflasher, should I upgrade with the "Kis 3 update" from ZTE before flashing CM11 or CM12? ro.build.id=KOT49H ro.build.display.id=ZTE_KIS_III_V1.3 ro.build.inner.version=EE_UK_P821E10V1.0.0B06 ro.build.version.release=4.4.2 Finally is it a big problem with the winflasher (I have always used ADB from Linux)?
  6. Hi KonstaT! Thanks for a quick answer!! This is what happened: The SD-card was bad formatted (win). I used the SD-Formatter from sdcard.org (recommended), and the card was recognized. Unfortunately FF-os was upgraded. I used your instructions. Installed ADB fastboot ..... on one of my Linuxmachines. Extracted the recovery.img. Jacked the phone to my computer. Run the commands: adb reboot bootloader fastboot boot recovery.img (from FF-os) Then I could upgrade with EU_FFOS+to+Android.zip!!! Then I followed this thread: http://www.modaco.com/topic/373213-recovery-clockworkmod-6050-for-zte-open-c-kis-3/ When I tried to use fastboot to flash CWM recovery, I ran into problems. This worked: adb reboot bootloader fastboot boot recovery.img (your CWM recovery) Then I could install CWM recovery (zipped) from SD-card. Finally: When I installed CM11 from CWM (on the phone) I had troubles. Wipe data/factory reset and wipe Dalvik cache solved the problems!! The phone is running. It runs smooth! Thank you for the help!!!! I would not be surprised if this is the next "ZTE Blade", and I would say that you are the MAN behind that. Best regards/webbe
  7. I'm trying to install this ROM on a phone bought from the UK-seller "ZTE_uk". I'm stuck at first step! Installing: FFOS+to+Android.zip. I've booted whith start and vol+. I get all info as the Youtube video from the seller. But when I 'm starting "apply update from sdcard" I get: E:failed to mount /sdcard (no such file or directory). I have put the file in the root of the SDcard (zip). The card is formated FAT32. Do I have to format the card ext3? I have tried two cards: 2 GB SanDisk and 16 GB ADATA. I upgraded to FFOS_EU_EBAY_OPENCV1.0.0B04 with upgradetool (I think it was B01 from the beginning) but no change. I can see the SDcard from FF.
  8. Hi! Now I have a new Blade gen3. It's unlocked. This is the info I get: ZTE/P729_GENERIC/blade:2.3.5/GRJ22/eng..20111018.001235:users/release-keys (from Quadrant). About the phone says: ZTE-BLADEV1.0.0B02 I have downloaded the nearest upgrade from ZTE, and extracted recovery.img from the bin file. From my other phone (gen2) I learned that if I put CWM in recovery, then I can make a backup of the rom. Restoring the backup, and then installing the stock recovery gives me back the stock ROM as an emergency. Then I have two options. 1. Installing SSRLS7, then patching with -M-MHMP-RLS9-GEN3.zip and installing addons. I have seen gen3 TPT:s. Is it possible with gen3? If so: 2. Repartition with gen3-to-gen2-tpt (wbaw) installs CWM5.0.2.0. Install SSRLS7 and addons. If I have to go back to stock, then I must repartition to gen3, and then restore stock. Can I use CWM5.0.2.0 on gen2 and gen3? Am I right about this? If so I will edit this post with links.
  9. Tried it. No result. Perhaps ZEAM is laggy on Blade?
  10. Hi DarkCrono. My bad! Forgot to mention. Overclocked 691 mHz. FC at 710 mHz!
  11. Hi there! My first post in this forum. My device: Gen1 telia android 2.1. Upgraded to Gen2 with official tool. Rooted and installed CWM 3.0.??? Installed Kallt_kaffe Swe Spring. Changed to LibraGinger. Upgraded to CWM Tested lots of roms (CM7 Moldovan ......). Installed Swe Snow Rls 1-7. Currently using Rls 7. I changed the launcher by downloading ZEAM launcher and renamed it to Launcher2, and swapped the launchers in the ZIP-file. Installed ZTE dialer. Installed "homemade" circlebattery from UOT kitchen. SDCard whitout EXT4 partition. Overclocked 691 mHz. Everyting works perfect, But the launcher is quite laggy (I love ZEAM:s configurations). Anyone that can give me some tips to make ZEAM less laggy on a Blade? I have currently 56 apps on the rom. Thanks KonstaT for a VERY good ROM. I'm buying another Blade from Netonnet soon. Your ROM will be the engine.

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