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    Ask MoDaCo: The Mad Catz MOJO

    Is there a reliable way to map touch screen controls to the gamepad functions yet? Maybe something along the lines of creating an overlay lined up with onscreen controls, linked to the hardware buttons? Fairly limited to what you can do otherwise.
  2. WodgeFTW

    Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

    Well I'm hoping mine comes by Friday, I don't have any decent buds, so wondering if I should buy some now.
  3. WodgeFTW

    Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

    What earbuds does it come with? Are they any good?
  4. WodgeFTW

    CIDotW - ZTE V970

    Are you going to be following up on these devices with a root & install play store guide?
  5. WodgeFTW

    The 25c / 25p sale has started - help us find the offers!

    Clouds and Sheep! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hg.cloudsandsheep
  6. YAYIFICATIONS! At the moment, Twitters official app has "promoted tweets"/adverts and facebook is just awful, seriously, one of the worst apps around, bloated, slow, unresponsive, I don't trust the notifications and it's just complete and utter cackpants. The Tumblr app is a bit meh, does a few things, but it's a bit rubbish. G+ actually has a very nice app, really like using it, bit slow on ye olde g300 though.
  7. Why not just start a new thread? Hunting through a random page for your first post on the new rom is kinda daft. Don't cost you money to start a thread!
  8. Was able to get invites for it when it first launched, always had to download the apk from xda though, still works for me.
  9. WodgeFTW

    ZTE announce the Grand X, priced at £189.99 prepay

    How this is any different to any other smartphone in regards to gaming is a mystery to me.
  10. WodgeFTW

    ZTE UK 6 days count down, we think we know the answer

    Gaming to me means something along the lines of the Xperia Play, really don't see anything there that screams "gaming" to me.
  11. Any ETA on the prebaked rom for the tightarses like myself?
  12. WodgeFTW

    Screen Differences

    I occasionally can see my homescreens widgets still on screen when i go into another app, it's kinda like burn-in you used to get on old CRTs. Anyone else get this?
  13. This is awful, I'd have thought with it being practically a reference design, Intel would've wanted hackers fiddling to get the most out of the x86 architecture to show everyone Intel can, in fact, make a smartphone. Intel, I am disappoint.
  14. Contacts and Dialer are not there, neither is the stock email app.
  15. WodgeFTW

    SIM lock status

    https://mobile.twitter.com/OrangeHelpers/status/210006232092774400 I asked orange, seems you need to keep it for 3 months before doing it for £20 and change. Wondering if i can just top up £15 and leave it for a bit.
  16. Tried scanning that qr code? :D
  17. WodgeFTW

    Unboxing the Orange San Diego - video!

    The sooner an unlock becomes available the better. Picking one up next week when im back in the UK. Hopefully there will be one available soon.
  18. I'd head back over there and change it to "Thread." Or are you telling them to do it or they'll wake up with the fishes? :D
  19. I'm going to be in the UK next week, thinking of picking one up to replace my xperia play (which I dropped and then it died /sadface) Really hope it can be unlocked as im on Swisscom (glorious unlimited data in swissrollland). Anyhoo, I'd like to see some pictures of the UI and how it differs from stock.
  20. Are you from a small island? :D

  21. WodgeFTW


    one of Paul's MCRs would be uber at this point in time *hint*
  22. WodgeFTW


    Which is really good, but with all the assistance SE are giving to devs, you'd think there would be a stock rom by now, but theres absolutely nothing. All this geohot malarkey must've really annoyed the dev community.
  23. WodgeFTW

    It Begins!

    Bootloader Unlocking Site is a go, now im going to slack and wait for some epic hacking!
  24. WodgeFTW


    Got mine on friday, been playing snes emulators constantly, the pad is perfect for 'em. NOVA2 on the other hand... the analogue stick touch pad things dont seem to be setup right, the movement one is fine, but the one to look around seems to be set up as the worlds smallest trackpad, sheer madness!

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