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  1. Ahh I shall be rooting tomorrow. And I too am very interested in trying Ubuntu Touch on the Hudl.
  2. Drizz


    I am disappoint in this thing (mind what can you expect for the price) The Wi-Fi is unusable, sometimes it connects and I can surf (after a fashion) but most of the time the wi-fi icon is just greyed out. And you can forget about connecting to the play store. One odd thing, if I visit the play store using my laptop and select an app to install it will actually download to the 802 and install. The wifi issues continue even when booting into a Linux distro, it connects to the router but zero data through put. Hopefully I can find a ROM to flash this thing with something that works.
  3. A little more research and I found this: http://forum.xda-dev...1202082&page=88 Scroll to post #879 (find on page search vega) Just wondering if it would work with the Advents default Android version? The developer might add support. So I'm in 2 minds if I should keep it or get a refund, will probably keep it as it's only a fiver.
  4. I've bought it but as I don't have a USB host cable can't test it. I would imagine it should work on the latest Vegacomb 3.2 v9n I'll post back once I get a cable.
  5. Hi guys, Been a while since I last posted on here. For some reason my vega will not keep the date and time, it resets to default whenever I power it back on. It's only just started doing this. Could it be the clock battery has failed? I hope not a software failure is easier to fix :) I'm running Vegacomb 3.2 build 9n. Thanks.
  6. Awesome, re did the install, works now... w00t
  7. Looking forward to trying this, one thing though, how long does the first boot last? It's been stuck at the Android splash screen for well over 5 minutes now. I'm thinking this isn't right?
  8. This is awesome work. I love where it's going even though there's many issues. youtube doesn't work at all,none of the videos will play. Polaris fails every time and the browser doesn't sync bookmarks from my google account. Other then that, it's pretty cool and runs ok so song as you don't leave it, then it'll become sluggish but a quick reboot solves that.
  9. W00t, go it installed. no idea what I did, it just popped up without the ! and the install went great.
  10. OK so I thought I'd give it another go under windows. but it sticks at Then I ran through setting up ADB manually, and even that fails. the driver installs but fails to start with a (code:10)
  11. I had r6 installed (I think) I downloaded the latest stock version from myadventvega and that did install after a couple attempts (getting into recovery issues) As for my bake, I don't think I added anything more, I will re bake and make sure I don't have stuff I really don't need. Thanks.
  12. Well looks like I spoke too soon. The install seemed to be going smoothly but ran into trouble. I get this error: and now the Vega is stuck a boot loop, I have the Android logo, then it goes of and pops back on. Any idea as to what's going wrong?
  13. Ahhh sorted it, was being a bit thick. forgot to sudo :mellow: Working fine now. thanks for your time.
  14. Hey, So I decided that My vega needed a fresh start so flashed it back to the original (al be it latest) ROM. Baked myself a new ROM and tried to install, it's a no go, all down the dam USB driver under Win7. So I thought I'll give the Linux installed a try. Awesome I thought it's working Deamon was started successfully....... but that's it. No reboot not nothing. Here's what I did: any help please?
  15. Drizz

    Todays Top Tip

    Todays top tip, don't drop your vega. I just have and now the corner of the LCD is damaged :) Pleased to say the tab is still working but now with a black smudge in the lower right corner. Even the touch panel is still working.
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