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  1. Its still in beta as i know, but its good to know that we still get updates for g300 :)
  2. Yeah it is in in beta for now, still cant wait to test it my self cuz DLOAD won't work for me so i need to wait for zip version if anyone have time to make one? :P
  3. Thats why i asked if someone is willing to repack dload in flashable zip so its easier to flash :)
  4. Thanks to member from serbian android forum Roštilj, he have found a stock emui 1.5 rom in version B601 for chinese version of u8818, its in DLOAD package, baseband 2030, rom doesnt have gapps but it have toggles, supported languages are english and chinese, after flashing gapps and rooting its needed to delete file system/etc/hosts because it will block conections to google servers( u wont be able to sign in to google). Its very nice and fluid by the words of users wich have tested this rom. It would be big thanks if any of devs or interested users would repack this rom into zip so it can be flashed with cwm or twrp. DOWNLOAD SOURCE screenshots:
  5. I have problem flashing this rom, wiped everything choosed zip and it installed sucessfully with twrp but its just stuck at huawei boot screen, after that i tryed to flash narkoman88s cm9 miui v4 and it works good booted up and so... my previous rom was cm 10.2, I cant figre out what can be the problem? i used this link in first post in download section:http://www.solidfiles.com/d/942797a1ad/ EDIT: I had gb baseband on it , now works
  6. I have no mobile data connection on this rom, its croatian t-mobile provider, any help?
  7. Its soo small number of gb based roms for our g300, its time for little revive of it, i hope there will be soon something cooking in modaco cousine ^^ , allot thanks in advance for our devs for future rom builds
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