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  1. Running Ir1 Vanilla the stock dialer/contacts keeps force closing. It did it the first time I installed after about a day, I wiped everything, reflashed, restored data and it did it. Once again, wiped data, reflashed and it's been ok for 4 days, and now it's started doing it again. I'm using a different dialer at the moment and it's ok but strange how it keeps doing it. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Paul, thanks for this rom. I completed a trial pay offer but it hasn't worked, even though it was supposed to be instant. Gutted! :(
  3. Gary, thanks very much for your hard work, I've just flashed your ROM and restored everything and it's working great. One thing to note is I initially factory restored from within settings and the phone got stuck on the Samsung screen (with yellow triangle) on rebooting. I got it fixed by flashing another kernel through odin. Is it possible to have battery % instead of icon in this ROM? That's the only feature I'm missing Thanks Scott
  4. My Transformer is also making some weird noises. Stock kernel selected in kitchen, Transformer now shows WiFi version 5.248.35, kernel, build num HMJ37.WW_epad- Cheers for looking into it Paul, Scott Edit: Also I flashed with stock kernel initially and did not flash with your kernel first. even though it appears your kernel was flashed :D
  5. I've flashed this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...amp;postcount=6 on top of hr6 and it's ok
  6. Asus = cheaper, better screen, lighter, backs a bit plasticy but well built. Motorola = more expensive, metal back which is nice, heavier, not as good screen :)
  7. There's no physical switch/button but there's a lock screen orientation toggle if you press the time/battery in the bottom right corner.
  8. Ahhh thanks. I've downloaded Wallpaper Wizardrii and set the wallpaper to not scroll and now it looks fine using standard 1280x720 wallpapers and it's also got rid of the lag when scrolling between home screens... Awesome! Does anyone know if there's a way to disable wallpaper scrolling in the settings without using an app? I'm sure it's possible in 2.3 .. might be a Launcher Pro option tho
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