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  1. I quite like this rom, but im not a huge fan of the notification icons, and the notification widget for 2g/3g. how do i revert just these, ive tried different themes not really what i wanted. Thanks :)
  2. can anyone tell me what the latest most stable rom is? I'm currently running a version dated 25/5/11 dont know what nightly build it is anymore haha. but its feeling sluggish and im sure there must be a more stable rom available now?
  3. thanks that worked perfectly! dont know why i was having problems with the other link :s
  4. Hi thanks for the info, one problem though, the link keeps timing out and i cant download it :/ ive tried it a few times but no luck
  5. erm you'll have to excuse my lack of current knowledge, i was looking for the most stable version of this rom which appears to be n72 as everyone was stating, earlier i TPT'd to gen 2 with 7.0.3 and gps and navigation fail to work which is really important to me. so any help would be great :P
  6. N72 404 on both mirrors :/ anyone got a link that works? PS i just made the jump to gen 2 after getting bored with rc4..
  7. RC4. reverting back to it now from stable, cant stand how laggy it is.
  8. ooo be careful gsam you may get flamed or labelled a troll for disagree-ing with the gods that create cm7
  9. i would say upgrade to RC4, the "stable" version is ironically less stable than RC4 or a couple of nightlies back from that. you only have to look at the nightly thread to see this :)
  10. going back to the actual topic of this thread, i have about 20+ apps on my phone installed, after a while i too get screen lock ups, launcher crashes and general slowness (notification bar not responding). so i too would like to know the answer to this question, my personal opinion is it is the rom, as ive not installed more apps than i used to run on rc4 and that was perfectly fine
  11. im not trying to bite the hand that feeds, i just dont take kindly to rude responses, which indeed they were, i was asking nicely and i got the response i dont give a s***. well im sorry if thats acceptable. i dont have any more to say on the matter, as far as im concerned there were more polite responses that could have been posted. regarding the poll, its void now anyway. i have no idea about making a gen1 version of cm7, and i dont plan on upgrading to gen2 any time soon, im more than happy to roll along with nightlys<rc4 which are the true stable versions I guess the gen1 gen2 debate will continue until there is a more definitive way of switching between the two. that is all i have to say on this topic, i probably wont comment again. too much hassle.
  12. dude theres no need to be an asshole. just cuz youre the maintainer of cyangenmod 7 for the blade doesn't make you high and mighty. Im not de-crediting your work, i think its excellent, but you dont need to be bullish and rude to users who are cautious as this thread depicts.
  13. Charming. You should cater for everyone - correct, and by choosing gen 2 only you are not. Quite simple really. Regardless of whether people *can* upgrade, the fact is there is no way for us to downgrade this means our warranty is completely void. I personally think your decision is rash and limiting the number of testers for your rom, clearly you have extensively researched the pros and cons....
  14. well there it is from the horses mouth, i guess this thread is pointless now as the man has spoken. maybe we can work a way around it to get gen2 roms working on gen1 phones like the workaround for gen1 roms for gen2 phones?
  15. rather disappointing, i feel i should point you to the community response to this: http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...blade-to-gen-2/
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