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  1. If you weren't already aware Supercurio has released voodoo S III sim unlock for free on the market. It does the job and it's free, the man is a legend :D https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.projectvoodoo.simunlock
  2. Supercurio is working on a version of voodoo louder for the s3, hopefully it should be out within a couple of weeks. I used it on my s2 and it was the best of the volume apps.
  3. It won't work when your phone enters deep sleep though, probably due to something in the kernel.
  4. There are other ways to root of course. It is a right pain though, but the app is very useful. Hopefully someone will find a workaround soon.
  5. You need to have an original kernel installed, you will also have to hide root with something like temp root remover.
  6. It doesn't work on the sgs2 I'm afraid to say. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  7. Asphalt 6 HD playing just fine on my SGS2, and boy what a bargain at only 10p
  8. IPhones are great if you like a pretty ui that your grandfather could navigate his way around, except he might not be able to read the display properly because it's so small. In my opinion the only real thing the iPhone 4 has on the galaxy s2 is resale value.
  9. Checkout this thread on xda http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1075278
  10. I would go with the baseband that is recommended. Some basebands are considered to have better call quality than others. Don't forget you also need the corresponding RIL you can get this via getRIL available on the market. ext4 is just a different way of formatting your SD card, it allows for larger file sizes amongst other things. I wouldn't bother with this unless you are flashing something that specifically requires it.
  11. It sure is an amazing phone, but in all honesty your previous phone set the bar pretty low. I traded up from an iPhone 4 and I'm amazed how good the Galaxy S2 is in comparison
  12. I'm not sure what made the difference for me, I'm assuming the RIL and baseband matching are very important, I also check catlog now and again to make sure there are no rogue apps or processes constantly running. I'm pretty sure minfreemanager is doing some good as well, I'm not a fan of juicedefender. WiFi sleep policy should also be set to never, I'm sure turning it on and off with screen eats away at your battery. I'm currently using CM #101 just because it works and I am getting excellent battery life, if it's not broken..... I don't know what other people's battery stats look like but here's mine which are pretty constant for me at the moment, the big drop was due to downloading and installing a 93MB update over 3G
  13. I noticed an improvement in battery life after changing the prefered network type in the hidden menu. Open the default dialer and select *#*#4636#*#*, select phone information and select GSM auto (PRL). I haven't really noticed any decrease in speed. Also check that the baseband and ril match with getRIL from the market.
  14. For anyone who is experiencing poor battery life, I found some good advice (at least I think it is) over on XDA about improving battery life http://forum.xda-dev...29#post16151329 This seems to have solved my battery issues which were driving me mad.
  15. I get a lot of strange reporting regardless of which GB ROM I use, same thing happens on CM7. Probably an LG bug, nice hardware but they've got some serious work to do on their software side.
  16. Thanks for the update Paul. Happy birthday, shame about the present off the BBC this morning though
  17. I initially had good battery life, but have noticed a big difference being away from WiFi more so than normal. I get random processes reporting big battery drain when I haven't even opened the application for example music 15% and gallery 15%. I really like this ROM but I'm going to give FR19 a go until gb is more stable.
  18. My battery life is great, relatively speaking. I've got no real issues with this ROM, all the radio issues I had to begin with have gone since flashing the GB baseband.
  19. I'm having issues with the radio, after rebooting I get a 2g signal and have to go in and out of airplane mode to get a 3g signal. Does this mean I should be using the gingerbread baseband? Thanks for all the hard work .
  20. After much frustration I realized that you need to clear 'messaging' application data after applying o2 mms apn settings (or at least I did before it would work).
  21. I too struggled to do this but persistence paid off in the end. I could not write to system/media whilst booted, after s-off I could, copied bootanimation.zip to system/media no problem. Just what worked for me, perhaps overkill but it worked. Maybe you have do it in recovery?
  22. You need to have s-off for this to work. Install android commander, then copy your bootanimation.zip to system/media. :)
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