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  1. Link is down :/ want to try it though. Not bothered about the privacy issues, using it wifi only.
  2. I didn't realise. I did do a forum search. Do you know which variant I want to use for my ZTE blade (bought 2 years ago, AMOLED running cm7.2)? V880?
  3. Was browsing around for a Samsung Galaxy Ace (from xda) and I found this ROM page for the Galaxy Ace and looked at the pics and found variants of the ZTE blade. Has anyone tried it? Okay found the original forum post
  4. HUKD link here Very cheap and mixed reviews on amazon (mainly bad ones) just throwing this out there.
  5. Anyone getting Kindle for Android working? I downloaded it with the intention of using calibre to convert PDF files to MOBI files to use with Kindle, but it freezes on the load screen. anyone getting better luck? EDIT: got it working. Uninstalled then reinstalled.
  6. widgetsoid is probably better. Personally i don't use bluetooth so it would save me a space, also i like the flashlight feature on wigdetsoid. This mod is kind of redundant because of widgetsoid unless you don't like the space it takes on a screen.
  7. Great rom but i have a problem with Dialer. When i try to make an outbound call, i get a "android.process.acore" crashing on me. I don't know what this means (cos i'm posting this immediately) but it's preventing me from making outbound calls with dialer. Calling contacts and receiving calls works fine. EDIT: My bad, didn't check front page.
  8. 1) Crashing keyboard: change keyboard tbh 2) dno about skype 3) I think its a battery saving thing? not complete sure 4) Think this is Blade specific but i think there are threads about this and using a different key to unlock/wake the phone.
  9. i think you should try getting a de-branded (remove all the junkware on the phone) 2.1 ROM. Stock one is okay but a few texts, calls and some internet browsing, you might wanna get a new ROM or Root the phone and get rid of the orange stuff manually. Following stephen's guide is v. helpful if you don't know what you're doing.
  10. Back up your SMS to gmail with this app then delete all ur messages ;)
  11. simple search brings up old topics =.= Best car dock / windscreen mount for SF Car Charger for ZTE Blade? It isn't hard to use the search function?
  12. okay, i cheated and did a search for something relevant. Google images. I like the SF ;)
  13. 1) Find resolution (480x800) 2) modify picture to fit the full screen (480x800) 3) gg (480x800)
  14. There is an update to RLS7. there is a reason for that sub-forum as well :3
  15. click the middle of top/bottom/side of the box (you should get arrows) and slide it to the limit. obviously check if your using scrollable background cos it doesn't use the same resolution for a static background and one that scrolls across multiple home screens.
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