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  1. "File Unavailable for Transfer Distribution of this file has been disabled because of a possible violation of our Terms of Service. If you would like to dispute this, please contact the claimant below."
  2. The processor is rated @600MHz, 750 MHz (if it's stable) is a very nice overclock :)
  3. No, the SoC in our Blade was made on a different, 'unmature' process, MSM7227T is an optimised version that allows to clock higher. You'll never reach stable 900 MHz with an MSM7227.
  4. Because we're waiting for a 4.x.x version from you ;)
  5. Did another clean install and now it works. Thanks KonstaT&everybody else who made Jelly bean to work on our Blade!
  6. Issue (reproducable): - pull down notifications bar - select Brightness - try to change the brightness level - black screen (but everything else is working) You have to pull out the battery and put it back in :(
  7. Here is a logcat record, could someone take a look at it? alogcat.2012-10-31-12-43-10+0100.txt
  8. New SSD arrived and I installed a fresh Windows 7 (64 bit) on my computer. I connected the Blade to it, new hardwares was found and everythig has been installed automatically. The problem is, I can't mount my phone as an USB drive. Virtually it happens, even a new drive letter is assigned to it, but it's unreachable. Why is that?
  9. Flight mode is deactivating ALL wireless connections. No way to turn on Bluetooth in flight mode.
  10. No, MSM7227A is ARmv7 (Cortex A5 1GHz). MSM 7227A Specifications Manufacturer: Qualcomm Family: Snapdragon S1 Architecture: ARMv7 Release Year: 2011 CPU Name: Cortex A5 CPU Speed: 600 ~ 1000 MHz (depends on the manufacturing process) CPU Cores: 1 Equivalent Speed: 600 ~ 1000 MHz Technology: 45 nm GPU Name Adreno 200 Enhanced
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