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  1. Stuck pixels and flashing screen, you've been unlucky, take it or send it back.
  2. Go launcher usage seems high. Might not be the whole problem but it isn't helping.
  3. Never had this, have a look in battery stats for what has caused the drain.
  4. Root explorer and es file explorer couldn't change mine, kept resetting back to original. Had to use file explorer within TWRP then it stuck.
  5. Yeah, thats what I didn't do. I too use es file explorer and it just wouldn't have any of it, lol. I know you weren't having a go, that's not what people on here are like, its all about helping others.
  6. Maybe I've misunderstood as to what is protected. When I tried to change permissions of the hosts file to rw-rw-rw it wouldn't let me. So my other option was to create the symlink and rather than faff about with typing commands I thought I would flash something which would create the link for me which is what I've shared. Sorry, I'm not a whizz when it comes to android, but I can flash stuff and what not, so just thought it would help people like me who aren't super confident with adb and typing commands.
  7. For those who have root+twrp and want to install AdAway. After installing AdAway I found that it will not apply the hosts file and you need to create a symlink to /data/data/hosts or change permissions in system/etc/hosts to rw-rw-rw, the latter can't be done even with root as the system directory is protected. Here is a zip file which can be flashed with TWRP which creates the symlink for you. Once flashed you just need to go back into AdAway and change the target hosts file to /data/data/hosts and it will apply the hosts file without issue. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1BG0sTVc6ikbGJZSnZZTVFUU3c/view?usp=docslist_api
  8. Well after faffing around for 2 days with the MobileGo method it just didn't work at all for me. The steps I took to root were to use kingroot, it failed the first 2 times but then worked after a reboot. After kingroot I then left kingroot running in the background by just pressing the home button and opened up flashify and flashed TWRP. Once I'd rebooted into TWRP I used it to flash SuperSU. Root has persisted now after numerous reboots and I have been able to install adaway and other root stuff without problem, sorted. And chrome works fine too.
  9. Mine turns the screen off when held to your ear/face. Maybe you have a defective unit.
  10. Well I have eventually managed to get 2.2 up and running by installing the official 2.2 untouched version by following stephen hydes guide. So I am typing this from a streak running froyo, yeah. Have only managed to get on the website by turning off wifi though, because of the "too many browser redirects error". But other than that 2.2 seems way better than 2.1, even better once someone finds a fix for the browser thing. Good job guys.
  11. Yes followed instructions on this page to flash baseband and ROM from same page http://android.modaco.com/content/dell-str...1-2-0-released/
  12. Hi guys n gals 1st post, brilliant forum excellent work by all getting 2.2 working on the streak. I have an O2 streak that was on the official 2.1 8105 build, it was on the leaked build however i upgraded to the 8105 build and it has been working fine, but i like everyone else got sick of waiting for dell to release 2.2. So i have fastboot working fine and can use clockwork recovery fine however i have tried flashing every version of 2.2 on the forums and everything goes fine but i never get the thing to boot again, its always stuck on the dell logo. Sometimes its the normal dell logo and sometimes its the colorful animated dell logo, but thats as far as i get. What am i doing wrong?
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