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  1. Your ROM is awful. I used it for twenty mins and It just feels cheap, good luck for RSL3.
  2. Wow putting my name in the smallest font. You guys are utter disgraces.
  3. I spent weeks developing it, changing it. They take it and get all the credit.
  4. Still its my work that they are passing off as their own. I just want my name on the credits.
  5. Claim alot of stuff? I made CAE. Thats all I claim that I created the ROM they use as a base?
  6. I know what a framework is I didn't know where a certain .jpg was. You guys have reskinned my ROM and I want credit for my hard work, its not that much to ask considering you never asked my originally and I recommend you change your base ROM if there's such a problem with putting me in the credits.
  7. First of all you steal my ROM without even asking me, now you don't even give me credit. You basically put a theme on there little/no performance tweaks and you haven't even done it well. Your Sincerely, Angry Dev
  8. I have a 6 Core with 16GB RAM so I can build if you mirror me the files via github etc?
  9. http://www.fengbao.com/zte_rom/zte_v880_rom/rom_92771.html Found this on the China Forum thought I'd post, is it anything new?
  10. Google said all gingerbread devices should be capable of ICS, is there any news/opinions everyone has about whether we will see a ICS zte update?
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