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  1. Your ROM is awful. I used it for twenty mins and It just feels cheap, good luck for RSL3.
  2. Wow putting my name in the smallest font. You guys are utter disgraces.
  3. They basically added themes to it.
  4. I spent weeks developing it, changing it. They take it and get all the credit.
  5. Still its my work that they are passing off as their own. I just want my name on the credits.
  6. Claim alot of stuff? I made CAE. Thats all I claim that I created the ROM they use as a base?
  7. I know what a framework is I didn't know where a certain .jpg was. You guys have reskinned my ROM and I want credit for my hard work, its not that much to ask considering you never asked my originally and I recommend you change your base ROM if there's such a problem with putting me in the credits.
  8. First of all you steal my ROM without even asking me, now you don't even give me credit. You basically put a theme on there little/no performance tweaks and you haven't even done it well. Your Sincerely, Angry Dev
  9. Sami Beck

    ICS China?

    Its probably what we've got already.
  10. Sami Beck

    [BETA] Android 4.0 RK2918 leak

    I have a 6 Core with 16GB RAM so I can build if you mirror me the files via github etc?
  11. http://www.fengbao.com/zte_rom/zte_v880_rom/rom_92771.html Found this on the China Forum thought I'd post, is it anything new?
  12. Like the idea. Will download soon!
  13. So a Libra update may be on the cards?
  14. Google said all gingerbread devices should be capable of ICS, is there any news/opinions everyone has about whether we will see a ICS zte update?

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