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  1. I'm a bit puzzled as to the sense of releasing a device like Nexus S. It has no real advantages over Galaxy S and Galaxy S is imho a horrid piece of fail. No OTA updates (kies is awful), it's plasticy, needs OCLF to work properly etc. How is that quality in any way comparable to HTC is beyond my comprehension. Sure the CPU and GPU combo is nice on the SGS as well as the screen, but that's about it. I sure hope Samsung has stepped up their game for Nexus S, i'd hate to be around on IRC and forums when the s*** hits the fan AGAIN on a Samsung device. First it was Spica, then SGS...
  2. I'm a bit baffled as well on why Google went to Samsung after a quality phone like N1. Compared to SGS it's a gem. So strange. I guess they wanted a change and get their new platform with NFC out and about. Still doesn't explain anything unless Samsung just gave a better deal than HTC.
  3. With that few apps you really shouldn't be running out of space. Have you checked thoroughly what's taking the space? Contacts usually has the largest data amount if you've got a lot of addresses and numbers and such and those can't be relocated to SD. My contacts take about 15MB or so iirc. In addition i've got over a hundred apps on the phone itself WITHOUT app2sd. So there's defo something wrong in your situation. Check all your apps and what they say in the DATA-part of the app space usage.
  4. Guys, please check your facts before you post. Desire Z's 2nd gen CPU is only clocked at a lower speed than Nexus one and the old Desire. It's still a lot faster than people think and it has the newer GPU (Adreno 205, same as Desire HD). The Z posts a bit higher score in quadrant than the old desire with its 1Ghz CPU with a score of about 1500. I ran the test last night. And as for the Gingerbread rumor, it's just that, a rumor. Think about it, why on earth and how on earth would it be limited by Clock Speed alone? Retarded rumor. I'd go for the Z, as i have. Haven't got mine yet, but had a friends device for a few days to play around with. Solid phone, absolutely. And a direct upgrade from Nexus one.
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