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  1. If there's any further security issues, the most I can do, is incorporate fixes as soon as word gets out, Other than that, thanks for the kind words about the ROM. :) Y'all have no idea what that does to me, onions in my eyes to see happy users... :)
  2. LOL! This thread... I cannot tell if genuine or trolling... Ah sher tis be grand like, pop open the case and plonk in the CPU.... Think before posting... just saying... +1 for making me laugh and facepalm at the same time...
  3. Have noticed lately people asking me for the Gingerbread Google Apps Zip that was hosted on my MediaFire a/c, for those still looking for it, linky for http://www.mediafire.com/download/pzpuo5pllqsveuu/gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip. Apologies for not getting back to add this heads-up. :) Enjoy!
  4. Many thanks Bill for your continued support - it is much appreciated :D
  5. OpenGL ES v3 requires newer Adreno chipsets, am afraid! Adreno 200 has support for v2 of OpenGL ES, so not much to be gained there. just saying ;)
  6. Heads up, Blue box Security scanner got updated to v1.4, and it seems to deliver the verdict that it is unpatched against the second exploit related to the Masterkey exploit. (I suspect something got borked there!?!) v1.3 of said app gave the verdict of "Patched" See here The alternative app to test it and confirm if its patched can be found here Will keep you posted! ;) Edit: Bluebox updated to v1.5, and now correctly says its fully patched.... :)
  7. Have found LegacyXperia - impressive build, oh and it runs on kernel 3.4.51 nAa kernel - mindblown... Yeah I know, its... XDA... Only problem I noticed is CWM is slightly borked - cannot mount the SDCard for some reason... whether its down to incorrect fstab file or something, not sure, ended up having to adb sideload[/code] instead!
  8. Please read the status on the second post on the first page - updated to include two patches against the Masterkey exploit, and - Burstlam's Kernel patched to mitigate a Framebuffer exploit. - FDroid client updated. MD5Sum of the Download is: edbec666d2a2fae56c03d0eca497d9a3 File: t0mm13bROM_24.zip Enjoy folks. ;)
  9. What's secret about the port if you're announcing it.... jeez! Do your homework first before "announcing"... just sayin' ;)
  10. LOLWUT! That'll be 100 euro an hour.... :P (Seriously pro-tip... I watch this forum from time to time, and your threads seems to stick out like a sore thumb - we're not XDA, we're Modaco.... you come across as pretty desperate.... just saying ;) )
  11. That ^ comment made me pmsl.... +1 Good luck back-porting ARMv7 to ARMv6 - which resembles trying to port MIUI for ARMv6... :P
  12. SEMC chipsets uses a different battery driver so it will take some hacking around to get it to work proper with it. The project was designated exclusively for the Blade. So asking questions for other non-Zte Blade handsets won't suffice ;)
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