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  1. I just got a S2 the other day and I have have the same Kernel/firmware etc as the OP - do anyone know if this has the superbrick bug that I keep reading about?
  2. I tried it back on stock GB, there's a little improvement not huge but every little helps cyda's stock+ rom has it built in, so I'd recommend installing that
  3. The conclusion I've come to with android phones is that it's not good enough just to look at the specs, until there's a decent custom rom which truly unlocks the potential of the phone & iron out the bugs. The phone can just be a world of frustration. So I'd say just grab a 2nd hand G300 (or 2nd hand galaxy S2 once the nexus 4 starts driving down used prices to sub £150)
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Cyda, think I've got a backup 2 days ago so that will do, after reading some of the wifi issues with CM9 I think I'll stick with yours until there's more updates from Daz
  5. Hi Cyda, I feel like giving the new CM9 a try and would like to make a backup your excellent stock+ rom, but when I backup in Clockwork, once it gets to /datadata (I assume that's the modified 2gb internal partition) it errors saying it "can't mount /datadata..." Is there no way of backing up the lot? do I just have to remove this mod before trying CM9 and forget about the backup?
  6. link2sd sees that I have (confusingly 2x) 2.05gb partitions on the internal 2gb 1: Ext. SD /mnt/sdcard2 2: SD Card 2nd Part. /data/sdext2 but how to I choose (one of) them to install to? my options are still only to move to SD or phone (which still only moves them between the microSD card and the 756mb internal partition) - what have a done wrong? EDIT ignore me I was trying to move between phone/SD card when I should have linked the files
  7. I got one because for the money it was by far the best spec smart phone on the market at the time. I was a little disappointed that mine has low mic volume issues (workaround using speaker phone) and the touch screen responsiveness could have been better. I'm was also disappointed by the relatively modest developer support but since we've had some worthwhile roms with overclocking built in (like Stock+), it's no longer a major issue (though we'd all like 2d hardware acceleration) I'll probably stick with the G300, until dual core phones with decent GPUs break the sub £100 price point.
  8. Build quality is perfectly decent, don't think you can expect much more for a phone in it's price range - it's built better than the zte cresent (aka T-mobile Vivacity or Orange San Fran 2) as it has the gorilla glass screen but worse than the HTC Desire which in turn has a metal case. I think I would have preferred they used a matte (or rubber) finish so you could grip the G300 better, instead of going for the smooth faux metal looks which makes it quite slippery to hold
  9. Just got a 2nd hand desire myself so i can compare the 2, here's my first impressions: The G300 benchmarks better (being a newer CPU generation) and beats the Desire (even with a 10% overclock) however in real life this is only noticeable on 3d performance (say a game like major mayhem) 2d performance is either equal or favours the Desire which I can only assume is down to better optimised roms for it. In general the Desire has a smoother UI and feels more responsive especially on touch screen accuracy which I feel the g300 needs work on. The camera seems better on the G300, having better dynamic range and quicker to autofocus but being a DSLR snob myself I don't consider either particularly good, so long as they can scan in a barcode they serve my needs The Desire does not suffer from the low mic problem which affects a lot of g300 users, I can be heard clearly without using the loudspeaker trick on the g300, as a phone the Desire is better. Headphones sound better on the Desire (the g300 always had some hiss), conversely the loudspeaker is better on the g300. The g300 has in theory far more storage, but it's hampered by the silly partitioning which greatly limits what can be used for apps, also link2SD helps to get around the storage problem on the Desire. Overall easily in favour of the g300 but could and should have been more so if the g300 partitions were adjusted to be more generous on app space. Build quality is easily in the Desires favour for it's metal case, but given it's a 2yr old phone you might have issues with your sample - the buttons for example on mine are getting stubborn. Equally important is the Desire's rubber back means you can actually grip onto the phone, whereas the slippery case on the g300 is an accident waiting to happen (I've dropped mine several times before i got a flip case for it) Both screens are great, I'd give an edge to the g300 for the extra size Battery life is noticeably better on the g300 due to the 1500amh battery (vs the 1400amh in the Desire), i would also assume the newer components of the g300 would be more energy efficient, that said given my Desire is going to be around a 1yr old the battery life has probably shortened over use. Overall I'd say the Desire wins overall (currently) due to the better optimised roms and lack of the mic problem - but I would expect this to change within the next 6 months as devs bring out polished roms and enable other features on the g300.
  10. I got my G300 via very.co.uk which i believe is also run by them (they were also running a £30 new customer discount) I had no problems myself, if indeed it was lost by the courier then it's just one of those things, it happens...
  11. Thanks for your reply, i understand where you're coming from on manually turning things on/off, but I can assure you a computer will always be more reliable than me to remember to do all that, I'll end up not turning things off due to forgetting or laziness
  12. got this running now and I benchmark around 2900 on antutu (stock rom with the over the air update, using a class 4 sd card) I've achieved similar before so whatever improvements aren't really showing in the benchmarks - but the launcher does feel marginally smoother, not loads but every little helps does anyone know if the battery saving mods on v6 supercharger clashes with juice defender? is it okay to have both running?
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