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  1. i sold mine on Ebay the other week, got £84(thats inc. P+P) *also the person i sold it too, tried to sell it few days later for £150 but failed. lol
  2. oh thats ok, i couldnt remember if the G3 had stereo radio or not, thought it did, tried to use spirit FM on it and it doesnt work.
  3. wasnt the FM radio mono on the G3? i cant remember, if it wasnt....can someone upload the APK of the G3 version please.
  4. i brought mine from a UK seller on Ebay, cost £164 including next day delivery.
  5. i purchased mine from Ebay, from a UK seller, was £163, but given I was hit with import charge last time..didnt mind paying a little more..but I got it next day too. mine came rooted(seen the vast majority are rooted but ask the seller first) has the play store too & google apps(had to download a couple but no trouble) not tried the GPS but given its rooted if theres a problem I suspect it should be easy to fix if anything is wrong.
  6. Well I think it's an improvement over the G3,screen seems brighter & generally overall seems an improvement over the G3. The JB on the G3S seems very good so far. Can't fault it so far(had it a week tomorrow). Responsive, fast and smooth. Only gripe is when you look on wifi, there's a NVRAM error which appears, doesn't affect the wifi tho. On the whole getting one deal I wanted a G5, but that isn't out for a while they say, so the G3S is a very good alternative at a good price. *selling my G3 on a certain auction site atm, best sell it while it's got a bit of value. :-)
  7. shame :( still got mine...well i just upgraded to the G3S. :)
  8. I didn't want to make a new thread but today, I got on my G3 where all the writing either went all blurred or letters missing on certain launchers (apex & nova). Doesn't happen within apps. Fingers crossed it's stopped now. What do people think happened & has it happened to anyone else?
  9. i heard about that, certainly will tempted me to upgrade to till since I cant see the G5 coming out this year.
  10. not been on for a while, Has the official JB update came out of beta and all that yet?
  11. i suspect that Jiayu might have slowed down production of the G3 due to the fact the G4 & G5 might be coming out within the next 2-6 months. Also....I think the G3 is indefinably getting the JB update is all a matter of when & really not to rush it; as no one wants shoddy software, Also want to make the phone as appealing as possible after the launch debarkle.
  12. im with you there, i'd rather wait for the full update.
  13. i looked at the G2S before i went for the G3, how is the G2S? think the next phone I'll get is the G5, 4.5inch screen & it looks a really nice design from what ive seen of it.
  14. I think the battery life is pretty good tbf, if I just left it on with just calls(no wifi) lite use, it could easily last for a good 5 days.(going by the Battery Reborn App) but with medium usage that I do with it(calls,texts,Wifi,3G,music mainly 1 SIM on) i can easily get 2days without charging;which for a dual sim is pretty good imo. i do take the steps to make the phone as power optimized as possible; so as not to waste any :)
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