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  1. lnux9898

    Battery level

    Technical reason: if you don't want to know, stop reading. Added for completeness. From observation, it seems that Battery Level polling period is pretty long when the Vega is powered. And the polling period in standby is even longer. When you activate the machine back on, the battery level is updated using the Standby period. If and when Advent release the kernel, we can control & experiment with best possible values. So something like: Meaning battery stats updated every 1min when powered and 5min when in standby.
  2. lnux9898

    Anyone using Bump?

    The app will NOT work on the Vega as it uses Location - looks at its permissions.
  3. lnux9898

    Guide to doing Screenshots?

    Here you go - http://www.simplehelp.net/2009/07/21/how-t...e-from-windows/
  4. lnux9898

    Stuck on Booting - Help

    Power off the Vega .. press Power until the display goes off. Then place the Vega into APX mode ... do the 'Press Back, Press Power button, Release Power, Release Back' with power and USB cable connected to a Windows machine. Windows will see the Vega and you can install the 1.06.5 ROM from Advent.
  5. lnux9898

    Guide to doing Screenshots?

    It is not too difficult to install the Android SDK and then use DDMS to get screenshots. Also have a read here, FYI, http://android.modaco.com/content/advent-v...shot-apps-work/
  6. lnux9898

    Lack of storage

    I made a pig's ear of my post. Sorry. The post should say that you can either use the ClockWorkMod recovery image or the adb tool. The ClockWorkMod approach is simple once you have it installed. As you went to the trouble to install the Android SDK and get ADB running, use those steps. The Shell lets you access the android device below the User Interface; think of the command prompt in Windows. And forget to share your solution to fix the ADB issue. It will help someone with the same problem.
  7. lnux9898

    Lack of storage

    Glad you solved the ADB issue! Could you post the solution as it could help others? Interesting message - it seems that the apk file or the directory has the wrong permissions. Two possible solutions: 1) if you have ClockWorkMod enabled, go into that image. Select Advanced > Fix Permissions. 2) Enter the ADB shell. Type Then type The output will look like: dr-xr-xr-x system root 1970-01-01 00:00 mobi.mgeek.BookmarkPlugin-1 dr-xr-xr-x system root 1970-01-01 00:00 com.reader.books.laputa.ui-1 The key info is the system and root. That is the user and group owner of the file/directory. Look at the owner of /mnt/asec/com.hiapk.doraexplorerpuzzle-1 directory and pkg.apk file. If the owner of these two items is something else, here are the steps to change: 1) Exit the shell. 2) Type which makes the system partition writable. 3) Type 4) Navigate to the /mnt/asec/ 5) Type . Do the same for the contained apk file. You should now be able to uninstall and install the app.
  8. lnux9898

    Checklist for updating ROM's & other tweaks

    @MaxIP, I would do a mixture of To-do and Wish List. For the To-do list, I would add: - To install the 1.06.5 system ROM, switch the Vega into APX (key combo of Back & Power buttons). - Switch the order of: + Install MCR & performance pack - bake & download from here + Install ClockworkMod recovery & Nandroid backup [optional ???] downloaded from here - Install the Recovery app Wish list: - Install another keyboard - the default one is not ideal - Install a Launcher app - Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher, Go, etc.
  9. lnux9898

    Checklist for updating ROM's & other tweaks

    Are you trying to install the drivers from Custom ROM or from the Advent site? I believe that some people have had better luck with the Advent site. http://www.myadventvega.co.uk/SystemUSB.zip
  10. lnux9898

    Update to latest Pocket Legends did not work. Help?

    I just installed version 1.6.1 (29.17MB download) and got the FC dialog box. Hmm.
  11. lnux9898

    Huawei 3G USB Dongle Support (need volunteers)

    Agreed with Jordan - we do need the kernel for a nvidia-based tablet that supports 3G. I wish that Vega would release the source already. I am going to see if I can get lucky and build the ppp module with the generic nvidia kernel source. Aha
  12. lnux9898

    SuperUser access to AdventVega

    CWM - ClockWorkMod, a recovery image. Great for creating a full backup among other things. Read through the instructions carefully before installing. More info can be found in the ClockWorkMod thread. Glad that Visionary did the trick for you.
  13. lnux9898

    Lack of storage

    Sure, I will try. DDMS stands for Dalvik Debug Monitor Server and it is just that; a tool to capture info from your android device(s). Also, lets you take screen shots. Firstly, you will need to install Java on your computer, if not already installed. After that, download the Android SDK from Google. Unpack the zip file and via Explorer (I am assuming you are running Windows; adjust accordingly for your platform), double-click the ddms.bat file. After a short while, you should see a window pop-up. Place your Vega into USB Debug mode: Settings > Applications > Development > select USB Debugging. Then connect your Vega to your computer. The Vega should register in the DDMS window. Then, on your Vega, carry out the application move. If and when the move fails, in the log section of DDMS window, click the E button. That will filter the logs to show Error-level messages. See if anything makes sense or post the output (I think that cut and paste should work) here.
  14. lnux9898

    Recommend a good 8Gb / 16Gb microSD card?

    I haven't tried that. I tend to transfer files on wifi using either ADB or via the app File Expert.
  15. Don't forget that Qualcomm has already announced the dual-core Snapdragon running at 1.2GHz and Samsung's Orion dual-core chipset. +1 to the LG sentiment that bcmobile shared.

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