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  1. arad85

    Vega makes PC BSOD

    Sounds like a driver issue. USB3 is quite new and I guess they won't have all the bugs ironed out of the stack yet.
  2. Think I'll let it settle a bit before I try it :lol: It might well explain why some people are seeing a problem and some aren't, BUT the CWM install is doing very little...
  3. Really??? How bizarre. Must admit, I've always done it reverse order so...... How many times you rebooted it?
  4. arad85

    Good idea to keep the screen on overnight?

    When you have it on charge and you have the screen enabled as I mention, the screen dims after 10 minutes to quite a low level so it's very unlikely to suffer screenburn. As to backlight damage, yes, that's possible...
  5. arad85

    Good idea to keep the screen on overnight?

    You can keep the screen on by setting Settings->Application->Development->Stay Awake to be on and then powering it overnight from the charger. That way, the screen dims but wifi remains on. And no, I don't think you'll do any damage to the screen...
  6. I work as a program manager developing set-top box software for consumer electronics. Some TVs HDMI implementations are, to say the least, over zealous... Last week I had 3 experts working across 2 continents working all week to try and figure out why a certain TV is not responding correctly when fed an HDMI signal from one of our latest boxes...
  7. arad85

    Complete wipe and restore to factory settings

    Have a look at the thread linked in my signature
  8. arad85

    Recovery mode

    Do you have clockwork mod installed? If so, it sounds like the famed black screen of death. If you have CWM installed and all you are getting is the black screen of death even if you power off completely and start again, the only option seems to be to reflash from the beginning.
  9. arad85

    Installing Clockworkmod and staying safe

    I've had CWM installed 4 times here. Each time, I've installed via the adb method and each time it has crashed when rebooting within a day. I know someone on here suggested that it was user error, but I can assure you it wasn't in my case ;) The instructions (all 4 lines!!) are pretty easy to follow :) I'm wondering if those that have CWM ever switch their device off completely between reflashes and thus never get to see the problem... For those that haven't seen it yet, try sitting there for 30 minutes (it should take WAY less time than this to see it happen) and power off with a 6 second power press, then reboot. When you're rebooting, if you see the BOOTING screen, power off again (before it's booted) and try again. I reckon 5 or so minutes tops and you'll probably get BSOD....
  10. arad85

    Black Screen Of Death - Recovery method

    You're doing something wrong. I can get into flash boot mode every time I get bsod. Make sure the device is fully off (i.e. if you have the backlight lit, power button for 6 seconds). Plug usb into computer, hold back button for a few secs, then press power button until you hear the ding that says the computer recognises the device and then let go of the power button, keeping back held for a second or so... If the back light comes on, you haven't got it right and you need to power off with a long press of the power key.
  11. Does it use the Tegras hardware acceleration?
  12. arad85

    XDA Devs now have a Vega forum

    I have a feeling that this won't be the case by the time my £10 subscription runs out ;)
  13. arad85

    XDA Devs now have a Vega forum

    For the vega, you're paying for the performance pack... Everything else Paul produces is free. The only benefit for a vega user of going ad free (apart from removing ads which is of very limited benefit) is the performance pack. Yes. In my day job I manage product software development for linux based set-top box decoders/video recorders. I know how much software costs to develop thank you ;) As I said, I'm impatient which is why I bought it :)
  14. arad85

    XDA Devs now have a Vega forum

    Hey - I paid - I couldn't be bothered to figure out what to install/not install, although I could have given a little time (me, impatient... no.. it's taken me 2 days to go from "my PC is fine" to "I must have a i7-2600k based system" - just waiting for the CC date to pass ;)). Sour grapes - no... but the incessant defending of Pauls business model sounds a lot like fanbois to me....
  15. arad85

    XDA Devs now have a Vega forum

    I agree, but I think Paul wants to go it alone here as I've PM'd him in the past asking if he wanted to organise a number of developers to collaborate as I have some skills I could contribute, but got no response. If the XDA "team" takes up development on the Vega, MoDaCo will find it very, very hard to keep pace IMHO.

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