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    Does size matter? Spending time with the Galaxy Note.

    Review above is very poor... why put a custom ICS on it, when not official and GB works absolutely fine. It's well documented that ICS makes the Note perform less well too. I have owned mine one month now and as another has observed, other mobiles feel like toys and the Note size is forgotten. Rarely use laptop now other than downloads etc., and the phone has not stalled once, not even a hint of freezing. Looks a lot nicer than the SIII too, which is f-ugly if you ask me. Quite simply the best mobile I have had to date, and I work in the business so get my hands on a lot.
  2. you don't extract anything, just put the .zip file in root folder of sd card without extracting it
  3. howdy just a quick note to say a huge thanks to tilal etc for their continuing brilliance.. there is no other word for it I installed the first ColdFusion release with no issues other than the expected ones, but you work around them - stock browser didn't work too well, Opera Mobile worked fine just put the 4th April update on and again no unexpected issues, can see a preview in camera enough to shoot the photo it's just a bit strobey, but you didn't buy the SanFran for the camera and the preview isn't needed at all - the photo still takes fine the start up splash screen makes you smile and the ICS keeps the smile going so thanks again and keep up the brilliant work tN ;)
  4. I only ever hold the power button and Vol^ button... not sure why folk are saying to press the menu button too did you try those 2 alone yet?
  5. going back to coldfusion, this just doesn't work as well for me sorry
  6. the boot-up screen is boring, that's my only gripe! xiaomi.com... yawn DELIVERY REPORTS SET TO ON by default, this may cause charging on some networks, please be aware prefer the swipe to close look of coldfusion, background images are upside down on this same charging issue, guess it will start charging after half an hour again... ## edit ## now charging, and looking pretty when it does it! camera forces reboot everytime text received from known contact on stock message app does not show who it's from, installed GO SMS and it's fine
  7. so should the wipe instructions not be the same? do Factory reset, data wipe. wipe cache. (format /data and /cache) format /system. <- this helps flash ROM reboot recovery wipe data flash GAPpS reboot phone and you have put the link for the 53MB GAPPS, and not the 17MB one... will the 17MB be OK to flash instead? plz advise thanks ;)
  8. didn't do step 3 or 6 personally and working fine apart from camera as mentioned earlier, but that was never a strong selling point for me... turned off dithering, launcher is unchanged, ONDEMAND MIN 245 MAX 640 no idea what partition size I had, knew it would be fine as I had GEN1 to GEN2'd which gives you the correct partition I had read somewhere this is on an original first release OLED UK San Fran
  9. current CPU 245, using ondemand it seems to be getting more smooth as each minute passes LED lit for charging etc... as Oasis once said "It's Getting Better Man" ;) p.s. I turned off surface dithering and working quicker
  10. it's a bit slow in general, gonna use it for a couple of days before passing judgment... can't get WiFi to connect, finds it OK but keeps on trying #edit wifi was a password issue... d'oh can't see anything thru camera viewfinder, but it does take the photo of what you point it at when you view the gallery decent effort ;) does not appear to charge, been plugged in for 20 minutes so far and no indication that it is charging, says discharging in settings too #edit now charging after 30 minutes and rebooting a couple of times with charger plugged in p.s. can't believe folk are putting old ROM back on after trying it for an hour, give it a chance to sort itself out at least!
  11. howdy instructions on first page :- ROM Wipe data Reboot Back into recovery Google Apps Reboot should it not be wipe data then ROM?
  12. hi tried it 2 different ways, twice 1:flashed rom - set up phone, used phone, reboot into clockwork for roxmin 2:flashed rom, flashed roxmin wipes performed as expected, all without success :( gone back to fish & chips first release original OLED San Fran, TPT from GEN1 to GEN2
  13. Swedish-Snow-RLS4 & Romxin_SSRLS4b installed, configured google account set up, then rebooted and stuck on android splash loop

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