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  1. On the original version from Trip you go yo Settings > Calling settings > Noise reduction I shoud have pushed the semcphone.apk from the original GB so our x10 dont have this function, only arc. Bye!! =D *still using tripversion + ur hotfix, works like a charm!
  2. hmm tested, very well, but the noise reduction option is gone =( hehe
  3. Hey Wes, I really appreciate your work! A different thing about this release is that it has a function called noise reduction on the Calling settings, if this works will be an differential!!! I am downloading ur version and will debut, if it is running fine I will use as daily. Just a question, is audio fix and fps unlock applied on this version! Thanks MAn!! KR Spawn
  4. Confimed auto-focus make the camera freezes and crash. Another idea, is possible to put the continuous auto-focus on video? because it is an standard feature of gingerbread. Bye!
  5. I think that camera zoom is useless, its digital zoom we lose all the details, is 100 times better to have exposure compensation control like we have today ( by the way thanks trip! its possible to take very good photos with this function) than the zoom.
  6. Yess!! I mean H264 recording, decoding it already does, but to record, I look at media.profiles there is an HD profile but on the camera it dont exists, it uses instead mpeg4 enconding the h264 what will produce smaller files with better quality and more fps ( because it uses the gpu to encode, like decoding). And maybe a bug, I changed from 6mp to 8mp the camera and it started to crash, just fixed when I clean the dalvik cache. Bye
  7. Trip, Nice done man! Just a question is possible to implement a h264 720p video recording on this build? Kind regards! Spawn
  8. A fully debugging. Issues: - Volume configuration o Settings menu. - Brightness configuration o Settings menu. - xloud not keep enabled.( these problems above can be fixed by using the framework.jar from my mod, or debugging yourself and fixing these thing ( if you use my framework.jar the alarm clock will not allow you anymore to change the volume by the configuration of app, you can change by the general settings sound menu), also include at /lib/soundfx/ the xloud wrapper lib) - Theme manager app not working FC. - Internet Broswer app not working FC. - Gallery app not working properly, when I open an picture it FC. - Timescape app not working FC. - Calendar app UI bug at top on the left and right icons. - Support app not working FC. - Track ID when I try to recognize a music it says to me " Was not possible to authenticate on server" - Camera - Video HD recording with green lines. - Sound picker app UI bug on the play button. Just this =P. I will look for more things that appears. Bye!
  9. Totally offtopic But how do you Trip accessed the https://cspn.extranet.sonyericsson.com site? Here is possible to find out the latest versions that SE launched for all phone don´t? Tks
  10. 28spawn

    In search at SE.....

    Any news on Emma servers??! About 2.3 launched on some country. Bye!
  11. Trip just testing 1.3, seem that since 1.1 keyboard hw leds dont turn on, is that right? Using with bb .65, this new kernel is faster! Very goodd! Video profile High still 480p not 720p Bye
  12. Trip can you try to implement the touch to focus on videocamera? I believe its just add something on framework. Bye
  13. Trip, people will start to asking aboud damn audio lag. To fix camcorder you can just copy AAC codec files and some libraries for audio from Miui Froyo and put into the new version, and just add the lines of AAC codec and limits into media.proprieties setting the limits to 64kbps and 16khz like original SE, I tried it and worked almost no lag, just like original, if you can make it and add on next release, we thanks you. Byee
  14. Trip can you include aac audio encoding on video? tks
  15. Hi Trip, I am using your 1.1 froyo rom and I have only one word or abreviation kkkk WTF!! Its so much fast, responsive, faster than 2.3!!!! just incredible. with bb .67 runs perfectly Camera works fine! Awsome work! Bye

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