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  1. Thank you so much for your help - its up and running now My only problem is that whenever I reboot the Vega, it loses my wifi - and (unlike on my earlier android version) - I have to broadcast the network name on the router every time I want to get online with the Vega. Is there a way round that?
  2. Hi Ged, thanks for your patience. I tried over and over. Evenutally I reinstalled the driver via device manager on the pc and either that worked or I was lucky with the key pressing combination. The new Android started with Google marketplace, and I downloaded a new Angry Birds (very important), but then it changed to Google Play and goes to force close every time I try to use it. Do I need other updates as well as the Android? I see R8 and kitchen on this site??
  3. I'm not gettting the usb storage screen now, so that's progress, The pc pings 'on' with a blank vega screen but before the extraction is complete it pings 'off'', and then I get the same error message on the pc Searching around I found something called AUDI - will that help?
  4. I do the 6 seconds or so to get it to completely power off, but when I do the 2 second, 2 second, 2 second the pc pings on and off quickly and then the Vega gives the option to turn USB storage on. Is there a way to power it down further?
  5. Hi, I went for HoneyIce Chimera I'm doing something wrong though The Vega says USB mass storage The DOS window ends with USB not found press enter to continue I've tried it several times. Windows sound pings on and off.
  6. Hi Boff I did load the non-standard in 2010, but I can't remember how to do it again. and my mind is not what it was then Searching for CWM confused me. I guess the latest Andriod 4 is the way forward - but I really would appreciate an easy step by step idiot's guide on which files to download, and how when on my SD card (which I can do at least) to install it to the Vega
  7. Hi Guys, I still have one of the first mods from 2010, and now stuff like Angry Birds won't load. Is there a real easy step-by-step guide to (downloading and) loading the latest OS? I see bits and bobs throughout the forums, but can't find an all-in-one idiot's guide. Thanks
  8. U Connect lite is full screen and fun, but it displays upside down on my Vega (not a problem considering the game though) - any one else?
  9. Success! after much re-scanning for hardware changes, and trying to update some random USB drivers, eventually got a section in the device manager called 'other devices - > nvidia harmony' to show itself (not under USB) updated that driver to the one in the R3 rom under the folder r1-tegrausbdrivers-modaco (separately unzipped) and the device changed its own name to 'android phone ->android composite adb interface' The install-windows.bat then worked Thanks guys
  10. My wi-fi switches to 'not in range' after a while, even when I am standing next to the modem. After I connect to the net, I stop broadcasting the network name, and the vega still uses the connection. The network name is always on the vega too, but it keeps losing range. Any ideas please?
  11. Is there a virus checker for files downloaded directly to the vega?
  12. Sorry to be daft. Got the APK from getjar now where do I copy it to on the vega?
  13. I can't see Angry Birds on appslib is there another app library I can use?
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