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  1. Good Luck everyone! I had the pleasure of being seated next to Simon at last years Honor event, so hopefully I'll get to meet the famous Paul O' Brien this time around.
  2. Officially confirmed by Tesco, there will not be a Hudl 3. Unofficial reasons for pulling out were that when it came to market the v.1 and v.2 were one of the best spec available for the price, not only have sales of tablets declined overall, the market has now been flooded with cheaper alternatives. Although not as good spec as the Hudl the consumers that Teaco targeted are only looking at price. Also they have been running into quite a few problems lately, the purple v.2 was pulled due to a massive influx of returns and although the Lollipop update was a welcome surprise, it has also been a massive headache, due to that same target audience being first time tablet owners & the more mature customer it was far from plane sailing. There was a lot of failed updates & people having to factory reset & lose everything. The most interesting part is that the big Hudl display ends will be shortly replaced with Microsoft Surface instead. Apology for the poor formatting my phone is jumping the curser all around the text box!
  3. So the recently released Honor 6+ is an great phone for the price. Build reminds me of Nexus 4/Sony Z styling. 8 Core processor & 3 gig ram. Cracking camera too. Not to mention the dual sim. Has anyone else picked one of these up? I got one on release day from 3 UK for £299 sim free, currently using with my 3 contract sim in slot 1 and a Tesco PAYG in slot 2 which i've set to have my calls forwarded to when I've no 3 signal. Trouble is it is stuck on 4.4.2 I have the google now launcher installed but the emotion software still ruins ther overall experience. There doesn't seem to be any activity over on XDA either as its mostly stuff for the 6 not the 6+ I know Paul currently has one but MCR doesnt seem to be around much these days :'( Anyone else rocking one of these? Would you like to see a rom based on AOSP too?
  4. Good to see a major carrier has picked this up. I'm really keen to try this out, this could well be my second 3 contract, when it launches. I'll be looking our for your review
  5. Can I have a mi-key? Pressy please with a Xiamoi on top ;)
  6. Is the Gwatch on display at the event?
  7. Glad to see the app has improved, I think the recent purchase of Bodymedia had a lot to do with this, their software is really top notch, but the armband was quite big & restricted. Quite surprised they haven't implimented a web portal though, but at least the UK food is in there now, that for me was the biggest pain of the fitbit. I also found the band wore down quite quickly from rubbing against clothes(my work uniform has long sleeves) so I'm quite tempted to try this design instead, although I think I may go for the original UP, as this one seems a tad too expensive considering it's just bringing it in line with what competitors are doing(bluetooth sync etc.) Was the original one really that much of a pain? Also can you plug it in as often as you want or is it a end of day thing? (after reading a few more reviews around the web, the general feeling is that it is worth the extra, shame I'm a bit of a tight git)
  8. Great hangout, thanks for answering my questions about the G2 & motoX. Thought I could nab that one you read out by rewinding the youtube afterwards, but someone got in there before me :/ Maybe I'll win by posting here...
  9. I only found this out recently. Thought I had done all that without unlocking on this handset but aparently not according to the fastboot menu. Right, factory reset done, off to restore now! Thanks
  10. Used paranoid on my N4 but didn't really make use of the features. I'm sure they're only supporting Nexus devices officially, so could be a while Cyanogen I don't feel has anything for me over stock, since 4.x anyway, maybe on older devices.. Haven't tried an omnirom yet though
  11. Edited my last post. Thanks flibblesan for all your help. Got there in the end. I knew it was gonna be a ball ache
  12. Deleting that line, makes it flash without any errors. However it gets stuck in a bootloop just after the optomising apps, just trying the Tesco rom to see if that boots all the way up, then i'll try again Same again bootloop :( OK, so back on 4.3 unbranded UK using pauls script pinned at the top of the forum, that booted up fine although it did show an error about the gtp.bin, maybe its an issue if its the 4.4.2 on? gonna try the DE rom again now Failed on .gtp again, edited bat & reflashing again, in progress Flash successful :D trying OTA now...Reboot auto detected the OTA on the mem card, prompted to copy into system memory & updating now :D Phew!! :P
  13. So I've been having a bit of trouble with the US 4.4.2 rom freezing or stuttering & am losing signal too. I was just going to try a factory reset, but then i thought I might try the DE or FR version instead as this will essentially be what is pushed to the rest of europe. Trouble is when I try to flash the 4.3 DE rom it fails with a downgrade error. I'm using the flashall.bat that is included in the download. I presume this is because im already on the newest version. Just wondering what is the best proceure for doing this? Do I need to go to UK stock 4.3 first, then DE 4.3?
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