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  1. The Kernel on N179+ , is 2.6.32. I got it wrong I'm on 179+ not 171 ;) I am currently downloading update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-Blade-KANG-26jan-signed.zip and the undervolt kernel patch. How do I enable the Kernel patch? I take it the ROM out of the box does not allow undervolting but the patch includes the undervolt table etc... So it'll just work? Are there any other patches / fixes I should be aware of? I currently have an issue with 179+ which I hope has been fixed. When the screen goes off using 3G / Wifi tether the connection is lost. Does this occur when using the latest ROM? Thanks for your work on this ROM though good to see development is still going ahead. I read on a few pages back that you might be looking for a new Phone? The Xperia play has some good development ;) Maybe you should join in? ;)
  2. Thanks for your reply :) Yeah ICS on the play needs a lot of work, I'm still runnning stock but with custom kernel... anywho... My battery on CM7 N179 ran out after 2hrs 40 mins of tethering to my pc...anyway / reccomendations to get it to last longer? My micro USB port on the Blade is broken and does not make a connection. I bought a seperate mains charger off ebay to plug the battery in to get the phone charged. Also I have to keep the screen alive otherwise it loses the tether? I hope this bug is fixed on a more recent build? Are there any under-volted kernels about? All I want the blade to mainly do is tether the 3G connection to my PC eg WiFi hotspot... Are there are specific apps which make this feature better?
  3. ICS on the blade... Oh my lord :) Right people I have resurrected my blade from the great Android heaven in the sky... Had touchscreen issues but booted it last night and it seems to work now. Although I bought an Xperia Play ;) This will now be my second phone and mainly used to tether. Does the current ICS build allow this? I'm not bother about camera, video issue's and I'll never use those features. What would be the best build to use? Sticking with CM7 or CM9? Interested to hear your views :) Thanks
  4. Hi sej :) I just booted up my blade today for the first time in about 3 months... I thought it had died but touchscreen now is working :) I'm on an old build N171+, I clicked the klink in your signature but couldn't see the latest nightly from yourself. Where is the latest build hosted? Anyone got a mirror? As I've not been on here in a while... What are the recent changes I should be made aware of?
  5. Afternoon All, I've been having intermittent touchscreen issue's with my Blade but no it no longer works at all it's completely unresponsive I have tried many different ROM's / Clearing Cache / Data etc but it just sits on the Touch Android or Lockscreen. Any idea's how I can get this thing working again?
  6. I used your latest version yesterday with N161+ and it does not even fit in my 167Mb system partition, I rolled back to the last gapps package. I did see there was a newer version but decided against trying it. Goog job I decided against it too by the sounds of it. Looks like we will need a 180Mb system for this all to fit.?
  7. I called them in the end and they have accepted my request for a free repair :) After making 8 calls, being hung up on twice, I eventually threatened them with Trading Standards which seemed to get traction :)
  8. Orange San Fran is almost dead, The micro-usb port on the phone is broken. It need to be at a funny angle to accept a charge. This is frustrating to say the least and getting worse. I intend on phoning Orange to see if they will accept a repair. Issues with this are: I do not have the receipt. I have upgraded the handset to GEN2 - Downgrade available? Need to re-lock the phone but I believe Blade buddy can do this? I did not register the Orange SIM when I got the handset and do not have the SIM, I unlocked it and put my giffgaff SIM in straight away. Surely as the handset in under a year old. They were released for sale on the 21 September 2010, I should still qualify for a free repair as it's under the warranty? I'll need to downgrade and re-lock and un-root it prior to sending back to Orange of course :)
  9. The Thread is here: http://android.modaco.com/topic/335141-addoncm7-updated-more-google-apps-2011-08-14/ Although I have a 167Mb System and only had like 600Kb left after using this. All it does is but the google apps in system instead of data. I'm re-flashing N161+ and using the official gapps package.
  10. Works fine here on my San Fran. Go for it :)
  11. Gutted to hear that this is has hit the can... Was looking forward to v6... I've not tried blue ginger so I guess I'll give it a go :(
  12. JayGB1982

    MHL USB to HDMI adapter?

    Play now have these instock! http://www.play.com/Mobiles/Mobile/4-/20189616/-/Product.html?P36=UXJMFT&affid=hotukdeals&awc=buyat&_$ja=tsid:11516|prd:hotukdeals
  13. Anyone else just had a OTA update from Three UK? Just gone from KE1 to KF4 Is this the latest ROM? What fixes have been done since KE1?
  14. JayGB1982

    Win a LG Optimus 2X with MoDaCo and @superetrader

    Just entered worked fine here :)
  15. Not used an official CM7 build for a few weeks now... Been on CM7 Green V4 > v5 > Ginger Stir Fry 8 > 9 > 13 Any remaining bugs / issues in these builds? What's battery life like? I read a few pages back I think around 127 / 128 that something got broken again?

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