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  1. So everyone having reboot issues, did you download a PreBake ver or use the Kitchen??? Just trying to figure out a cause, since I really like the features of this rom.
  2. Well, a few days ago I was going to post I never had the random reboots. Then at work I had one. I chalk that one up to the Patriot 32gb SD that’s been giving me issues. Then last night the phone rebooted while charging (I have a new ADATA 32gb card now). Then just now, the phone rebooted and was stuck on a boot loop (fix now). A few items I notice, TB, spare parts, DEV tools are not in the \data partition. Selecting ROM Manager in the kitchen doesn’t cook it in. Other than the reboots, really enjoy this rom for my heavy daily use, plus your ver of A2SD+.
  3. Paul, just wanted to say great rom & my first custom rom on my Nexus One, other than my own. Look forward to using your kitchen/roms more in the future.
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