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  1. unclebob31

    Advent Vega V2

    http://www.myefox.com/myefoxpad-n10-advent-vega-v2-nvidia-tegra-2-android-3-2-tablet-pc-p-267397 and http://www.isalechina.com/pad-n10-advent-vega-v2-nvidia-tegra-2-android-32-101-tablet-pc_p719.html Shipping date 20th Oct. Looks legit. Still tegra 2.
  2. unclebob31

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Hi I found if you don't touch the screen whilst booting this rarely if ever happens. Good luck UB31
  3. unclebob31

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Same here Opera MOBILE FLASH from the market GLA
  4. unclebob31

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Opps OPERA MOBILE not MINI. Sorry if someone acted on this, my bad. Now have it set up with all my favourite apps as a clean clockwork backup. Keep the tombstone files clear... GLA UB31
  5. unclebob31

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Just reporting in. Flash is fine with Opera Mini on many sites. I only get the green bar on a limited number of occasions. With the green bar solution above should be as good as it can get. Installing opera seems to tweak up performance over all as does installing a live wallpaper. Not had to reflash for over a week now as had few FCs and no lockups. This has been since I stopped using the stock browser and made sure that the tombstone folder was always empty. Hope this helps a few folk. The best UB31
  6. unclebob31

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Tombstone files Ok I have a rooted tablet and can access and delete these files quickly. They are simply debugging scripts created when apps fail. Could this be one of the reasons that the lockups and FCs start after a while and then increase in frequency until a restore is needed? Any way manually deleted and tablet became immediately more responsive. Investigations led me to this: http://forum.samdroid.net/f55/relocate-dal...-up-space-1117/ and http://www.equk.co.uk/2010/06/relocate-dal...t-losing-speed/ Which is a move of the Dlvik Cache to improve performance...however there is also a script to clean out tombstones on reboots https://github.com/equk/Android/blob/master.../sd/userinit.sh # remove debugger memory dumps busybox rm -rf /data/tombstones/* I will manually delete my tombstone files and report back here if there is any improvements. In the meantime can anyone that knows more about all this take this further? Perhaps add the commands to init.d so on reboots it clears automatically? Help would be needed here as at my limit of scripting/unix/etc UB31
  7. unclebob31

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    It is a good spot mate, I was just offering a work around which I found good across all ROMs Roll on 1.7 UB31
  8. unclebob31

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    I get this after a week or more of use. Forced closes, lockups and slow downs. When I first loaded vegacomb I took a backup in recovery mode. So what I do is simply restore the whole system from there. If I have added an app I want to keep. I simply install it straight after recovery, re backup and then use that image next time. This is a beta for a reason guys and would recommend this strategy as a painless way of handling these issues. Have fun all and great work on the ROM guys as you can guess I am using it as my daily ROM. UB31
  9. unclebob31

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Use ROM MANAGER APP from the market to install the Clock Work recovery version that works with Vega Tablets. Use the ROM MANAGER to boot into recovery - its an option on the menu. Simples. If you have not got market access. Either Flash one of Pauls ROMS here following his installation guide. You will then have access to the market. Or Use the web version of Android Market... https://market.android.com/ https://market.android.com/details?id=com.k...e=search_result and install from there. Hope this helps UB31
  10. unclebob31

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Here is how I loaded VC Downloaded ROMMANAGER onto the tablet Downloaded VC onto a PC Copied it across to the SD card Performed Titanium backup Ran ROMMANAGER Installed Clockwork Recovery (even though it was installed as it would not boot into Clockwork recovery!!) Booted into Clockwork Recovery Performed ROM backup Cleared Cache Factory wipe Installed from ZIP Cleared Davik Cache Fixed Permissions Rebooted Instead of using Titanium backup, I reinstalled all my apps from the market - a spring clean. Downloaded ROM Manager again Reinstalled the latest Clockwork Recovery Booted into recovery and backed up ROM Get very few slow ups, one or two crashes to tablet top. Flash works in most sites using the find the full screen button trick. Not for banners and adverts - but who needs those anyway. Hope this helps people. GLA UB31
  11. unclebob31

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    All sorted. Boot into recovery Clear Dalvik and Fix Permissions Reboot Market works. Thank you for your help UB31
  12. unclebob31

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Help. Clean install of 1.6, factory wipe, cleared caches, CWM install from SD card. Market comes up. Select Titanium Backup... Comes up in download queue and then sits there, as does all the other apps I have tried. Pulling my hair out now. Tried the Force Close, Wipe Data ... What else can I do?? Thanks UB31
  13. unclebob31

    SetCPU 216mhz Issue

    For me it was because I had more than one CPU setting app on the Vega. Removed them all, reinstalled one, no more problems. Hope this helps UB31
  14. unclebob31

    HONEYCOMB in Advent Vega RUNNING

    Well done guys, looking good UB31
  15. unclebob31

    Mobile Phone to Vega Internet Connection

    Hi I use darklies Rom on my galaxy s and it has a mobile wifi access point in wireless settings. Great Rom and using 3g through the phone to do this Hope this helps UB31

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