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  1. Thanks Andy, short sighted with the longest contracts out there.
  2. This is a poll to understand how often people change their phones in the midst of hundreds of phones released each year.
  3. Hi, just build your rom from the kitchen excluding the 4.0.2 finger print as its not needed. Theirs no need to flash another boot loader just flash the xxla2 radio above . Cheers
  4. Do you use auto brightness with the color control settings in Franco's app or a particular brightness level.
  5. GPS works if you use faster fix. Had issue of no GPS when I first launched my map after faster fix it works like a charm.
  6. This is the Original Thread from Xda Here so thanks M.ark on xda. I have tried to simplify step by step tailored to vega. What You need Download Lockbot (free or pro) from Market Download this Zip file android_lockscreen.rar Steps 1. Download Lockbot and Install it 2. Download the zip file above, unzip the file and put it on the root of the sd card 3. Open the Lockbot, Click My themes 4. Click Galaxy 5.Click Edit 6. Click Menu at the top right corner of the screen ... Click Background 7. Select Sd card File --->>> then select the folder you previously unzip to your sd card 8. Select galaxy-bg.pnhg 9. Click Menu again---->>> Select Clock ---->> Select Digital --->>> the clock is now selected (A box around the clock) 10. Then drag the clock to the top of the screen. 11. click the clock again --->>> select edit clock ---->>> In date format drop box, choose your date style ( I used: Thursday,April 28) 12. Then use your back button to go back. 13. Click Menu --->> Select Galaxy ...>> its going to come up with message about lockbot pro...>>> click ok 14. Then the big box is selected ...>>>> click on the inside the box ....>>> select Change Slider ....>>>>Go to the folder you copied to your sdcard...>>> choose lock.png 15. Then move the lock into the circle just around the center 16. Click Menu ---->>> select edit clock --->>> select digital --->> Clock on clock ---- Select Hide Background. 17. click ok 18. Click Menu and save.---->>> Its gng to come with message to upgrade now....>>> ignore it and use the back button to clear the message...>>Then click the back button again . It will then bring the save option...>>> select yes to save. Now you now have the option in My Themes 19. Now go back to the first screen of lockbot....>>> Select my themes --->>> Press on each theme and delete them leaving only the theme you just made 20. You can then exit lockbot. Voilla You just made honeycomb lock screen... Test it by locking the screen and unlock itt. Screenshot
  7. Thanks,will look into it.I guess stuffs like that make for new update.lol
  8. The kernel was taken from CM7 by mad-murdock which can be overclock to 1.4ghz
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