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    U8800 2.3 Official Update from Huawei

    Well the mighty CPW couldnt fix the reset imei, im expecting a Galaxy S as a replacement. Not bad, but ill miss my u8800.
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    U8800 2.3 Official Update from Huawei

    Yeah i had re-partitioned when I first got it, but i did return it to original partition before I ran the upgrade, ah well CPW have it now. though it wasnt very reassuring when the guy didnt understand why I was bothered that my IMEI had been reset as he had no idea what it was for!!!!! Honestly dont these people have any interest in what it is they're selling?
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    U8800 2.3 Official Update from Huawei

    OK I seem to have a working ROM except I have no mobile service - found that this was due to my IMEI being set to bloody 0!!! How the hell do I get this back? I've written my IMEI down from the back of the phone. help?
  4. Wow just noticed that the proxy setting thing in MIUI works!!! Awesome! I work in Notts County and some places have no mobile signal at all, but everywhere I visit has wifi. First time I've had this working on Android.
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    My Library

    So I've logged into android market on pc, and noticed that 'my library' has every app I've ever downloaded (all free) how do I clean it up?
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    PayPal for Devs

    Hi everyone! I've just had a though - not an original one, but a thought nonetheless. Anyway I was wondering if people would be interested in donating to a paypal account for the devs, to show our appreciation for their hardwork and dedication. On a strictly voluntary basis you understand. I'm not even talking vast sums of money (50p or a quid) I've only been with Android since last September but I've used numerous ROM's - 3 blades have all had flb roms then CM7 and now my u8800 has the MIUI (this is a fantastic ROM!!) and I'd just like to show a little appreciation and thought if enough people felt the same way it would soon mount up and could even be used to get new devices to dev for I have no idea how you could make it work as no ROM is done by one person on their own, maybe Paul could moderate...I dunno...brighter people than me on here to come up with ideas Thanks for reading ;-)
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    [ROM] Unofficial MIUIandroid 1.10.8

    So how does this compare to the flb-r7 rom? Smoother? faster? but less usable? or just better all round?
  8. I dont agree with what the guy is doing but how many of you are signed up to amazon's free app of the day? Is that not piracy? Just because it comes from a legitimate source doesn't mean that by circumnavigating Amazons restrictions your NOT illegally downloading software. I'm not casting any stones, I just dont thnk anyone else should either. We all have to follow our own moral compas. If people are stupid enough to pay over the odds for something that is free thats down to them. PS I'm not that guy
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    Huawei U8800 or blade

    I've recently got a U8800 as an upgrade from the Blade. The build quality is several divisions above that of the Blade. Its very fast for a budget phone too £173 from CarPhoneWarehouse is definitely the best price that I've found. The camera is sooo much better than the Blades I can go a full day with a fair bit of twittering and surfing throughout the day and still have around 30 to 40% this is down the the battery being slightly bigger (1500mah) and slightly better (Li-Po not Li-Ion) Surfing is a much more pleasurable experience . i haven't noticed any lag on it either even with a s*** load of apps. Definitely worth the money Trust me you'll love the blade but after a few months you'll be hankering to upgrade to something faster and smoother.
  10. Still in stock at CPW!!! http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/choose-tariff/HUAWEI-U8800/HANDSET/NEW
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    Ultimate Guide to the Huawei U8800

    Just so y'all know its still in stock at CPW!!! http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/choose-tariff/HUAWEI-U8800/HANDSET/NEW
  12. looks like I'll be more successful this time - got a text with a tracking ref and email saying its on the way to the store!! I'm sooo excited and I just cannot hide it ...
  13. Ordered from CPW again today - they have them in stock again!
  14. I agree with you samson41, the Blade is my first smart phone and was a breath of fresh air after my Tocco Ultra. I'm now hankering after a faster better equipped phone within a budget. I'd dearly love my next phone to be a ZTE because the Blade has been such a good phone or the money, but I feel that with an 800mhz processor, only 256mb ram, a massive screen thats going to drain the ridiculously tiny battery very quickly its going to miss the mark by a long shot. http://www.itproportal.com/2011/07/19/zte-skate-goes-preorder-250/ I was after a u8800 but I just cant get hold of one in the UK. If Huawei can sort out their distribution the u8800 could be the next Blade.
  15. Except that you cant get u8800's for love nor money at the minute.

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