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  1. I have read complaints about battery drain in Android 4.3. How is energy efficiency of this ROM in comparison with 4.2.2 if using it on a daily basis in the main phone? Thank you!
  2. I need assistance, please. My phone lost mobile internet connection all of a sudden. I checked another phone on the same network and it is OK. Reboots and battery taking out and putting back did not help. Is it the phone or software problem? Can anybody advise, please? Thank you! Panic has gone - mobile internet restored as suddenly as disappeared...
  3. Tried to check the phone performance in AnTuTu but the stage of checking SD card data exchange (overall test of 93% if I remember well) sends the phone into reboot. SD card is SanDisk Ultra, Link2SD installed. Has anyone tried and experienced the same?
  4. Thank you! There are 2 options after starting this programme - make a link or move to SD-card. Which one is preferable?
  5. Thank you! I had done as you described (same instructions bu in more details are in the link I referred to) and it wiped all my programmes restored by Titanium after never ending rebooting. I tried 3 times that turned to be a waste of time. That is why I asked for help.
  6. Installed this ROM and like it - thank you KonstaT!!! The only problem for me at the moment is inability to install s2e script. I followed these instructions that send my phone to rebooting that ends only with the battery remove. Any advise which programme / script to use to automatically move all programmes into ext4 partition? Thank you!
  7. What is the best script / programme to move applications from internal memory into SD card? Integrated into FNS'8 or FNS'7 a2sd script does not move all programmes into SD card (say, Tango, Skype, etc.). Thank you!
  8. Is it possible to use int2ext+ or S2E together with a2sd on FNS'8? If not, what is the best solution as I think not all applications are moved with the integrated a2sd script into ext partition of SD card. Thank you!
  9. Thank you!!! Will try... Tested - works fine! Many thanks!!!
  10. Thank you for the ROM! Would it be possible to make a patch with Google Talk as I cannot find any compatible version? Thank you!
  11. Thank you for the job! Is it possible to make a patch to install Google Talk? Thank you!
  12. I understand this ROM does not have Google Talk and it is not in the Market either. Does anybody know where to get it and how to install? Thank you!
  13. Thank you for the ROM! Is it possible to install the Russian language to the English and French in the language setting? Thank you!
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