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  1. Get the Euro Bootstrap from the Market, it will install CWM, boot, convert to ext4 and you're fine. Note: This will only work if your bootloader is not locked, else you end up stucked in the reboot process.
  2. yes you are confused indeed. its written all over the place that ext4 is a must, as well as that CWM does convert sdcard to ext4
  3. RunTimeWorld

    10 things I love having installed on my Galaxy Tab

    I like that wallpaper, where can this be downloaded?
  4. No worries dude, let me guide you: Get yourself Odin 1.7, then: check this link: http://files.deodexed.com/ModADroid-Galaxy...Rotohammer/JME/ Turn off your device, turn it on while holding down the volume key, fire up Odin, make sure you see the yellow thing for the connection, then following files are to be loaded: 1. PIT: P1_add_hidden.pit 2. PDA: Roto-JME-FmtInt.tar (make sure you extract the tar file from the downloaded zip) 3. Phone: Addon-JME-Moddem 4. Leave blank Check all boxes, also the repartition Hit Start Once you rebooted, you can buy the Euro Tab Bootstrapper (there is a way to do it manual, but this way you're on the secure side) Fire up the downloaded app, follow the instructions, it will create EXT4 file format and install CWM Reboot Now download Modaco's Galaxy release, drag it to SDCard, reboot into recovery and flash it. Done!
  5. See my brainfucked 2287 on quadrant :( http://yfrog.com/f/gzaaoydj/
  6. You're the man! Still dominating the scene.... happy to be here.
  7. RunTimeWorld

    it looks unlock act rooted but...

    Dude you trippin? Its all good, I'm using Amon_RA since ever, CW is no longer supporting everything. You might want to describe your "problem". Get latest amon_ra 2.2.1 -> get fastboot, fastboot flash recovery amonrablah.img, and you're set.
  8. Dude, it's about time to get busy in this, we're waiting keen to get this one.. ;-)
  9. RunTimeWorld

    Thoughts folks....

    Dude what are you talkin about? You running a google powered phone.. so whats up with that DNS stuff?
  10. Honestly I haven't experienced any of the mentioned problems. One thing I appreciate about Modaco's releases is the stability and solid tested professional ROMs. Latest example is the whining for gingerbread... its not the timeframe, neither the quantitiy, but the quality that makes Modaco outstanding. So far my 2 cents, and no, I don't get payed for such statements ;-)
  11. RunTimeWorld

    NEW Custom Froyo ROM for milestone.

    How can you tell he's not a decent dev? because he hasn't released a ton of ROMs or because you have the tech skills to rate it fairly?
  12. To make it complete ;-) Argentina Personal gprs.personal.com Argentina Unifon internet.gprs.unifon.com.ar Australia Telstra telstra.internet Australia Optus internet Australia Three 3netaccess Australia Vodafone internet Austria Max Online gprsinternet Austria One wap.one.at Belgium Orange orangeinternet Belgium Mobistar web.pro.be Belgium Proximus internet.proximus.be Bermuda AT&T proxy Bermuda Mobility net.bm Brazil Claro claro.com.br Brazil Oi gprs.oi.com.br Brazil TIM tim.br Bulgaria Mobiltel (Mtel) inet-gprs.mtel.bg Canada Fido internet.fido.ca Canada Rogers AT&T internet.com Chile Entel PCS imovil.entelpcs.cl bam.entelpcs.cl Chile Telefonica GSM web.tmovil.cl China China Mobile cmnet Croatia VIPNET gprs.vipnet.hr Czech Republic Eurotel internet Czech Republic Oskar internet Czech Republic Oskar prepaid cards ointernet Czech Republic T-Mobile internet.t-mobile.cz Denmark TDCmobil internet Denmark Orange web.orange.dk Eygpt Vodafone internet.vodafone.net Dominican Republic Orange Dominicana orangenet.com.do Finland Telia Mobile internet Finland DNA internet Finland Sonera internet Finland Radiolinja internet Finland Saunalahti saunalahti France Orange orange.fr France SFR websfr France Bouygues Telecom eBouygTel.com Germany D2 Vodafone web.vodafone.de Germany E-Plus internet.eplus.de Germany O2 internet Germany Quam quam.de Germany T-Mobile D1 internet.t-d1.de Greece Vodafone internet.vodafone.gr Greece Telestet gint.b-online.gr Greece Cosmote internet Hungary Vodafone (Prepaid "Optimized") vitamax.internet.vodafone.net Hungary Vodafone (Prepaid "Standard") vitamax.snet.vodafone.net Hungary Vodafone (Postpaid "Optimized") internet.vodafone.net Hungary Vodafone (Postpaid "Standard") standardnet.vodafone.net Hong Kong CSL internet Hong Kong Orange web.orangehk.com Hong Kong New World internet Hong Kong People internet Hong Kong SmarTone internet Hong Kong Sunday internet India Orange, Hutch www Iceland Siminn gprs.simi.is India BPL Mobile bplgprs.com India Airtel airtelgprs.com Indonesia Telkomsel internet Ireland O2 internet Ireland Vodafone live.vodafone.com Israel Cellcom internetg Israel Orange internet Italy TIM uni.tim.it ibox.tim.it Italy Vodafone Omnitel web.omnitel.it Italy Wind internet.wind Latvia Latvia Mobile Telefone internet.lmt.lv Luxembourg LUXGSM web.pt.lu Luxembourg Tango internet Malaysia Celcom celcom.net.my Mexico Movistar internet.movistar.mx Mexico Telcel internet.itelcel.com Montenegro Monet gprs.monetcg.com Netherlands T-Mobile internet Netherlands KPM Mobile internet Netherlands Orange internet Netherlands O2 internet Netherlands Vodafone (normal) web.vodafone.nl Netherlands Vodafone (business) office.vodafone.nl New Zealand Vodafone NZ www.vodafone.net.nz Norway Netcom internet.netcom.no Norway Telenor internet Pakistan UFone ufone.internet Pakistan Mobilink connect.mobilinkworld.com Paraguay Personal internet Paraguay Tigo internet.tigo.py Philippines Smart internet Philippines Globe internet.globe.com.ph Poland Era erainternet Poland Idea www.idea.pl Poland PlusGSM www.plusgsm.pl Portugal Optimus internet Portugal TMN internet Portugal Vodafone (Telcel) internet.vodafone.pt Romania Connex internet.connex.ro Romania Orange internet Russia BeeLine internet.beeline.ru Russia Megafon internet.nw Russia MTS internet.mts.ru Russia PrimTel internet.primtel.ru Saudi Arabia Saudi Telecom Jawalnet.com.sa Serbia-Montenegro Mobtel Srbija internet Serbia-Montenegro Telekom Srbija gprsinternet Singapore M1 sunsurf Singapore Singtel internet Singapore Starhub shwapint Slovakia Eurotel internet Slovakia Orange internet South Africa MTN internet Spain Amena amenawap Spain Telefonica (Movistar) movistar.es Spain Vodafone airtelnet Sweden Telia online.telia.se Sweden Vodafone SE internet.vodafone.net Switzerland Swisscom gprs.swisscom.ch Switzerland Orange CH internet Switzerland sunrise internet Switzerland UMC www.umc.ua Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom internet Taiwan Far EasTone fetnet01 Taiwan KG Telecom internet Taiwan Taiwan Cellular internet Thailand AIS internet Thailand DTAC www.dtac.co.th Turkey Avea internet Turkey Aycell aycell Turkey Telsim telsim Turkey Turkcell internet UK Jersey Telecom pepper UK O2 mobile.o2.co.uk UK T-Mobile general.t-mobile.co.uk UK Vodafone UK internet UK Orange orangeinternet Ukraine Kyivstar GSM www.kyivstar.net Ukraine UMC www.umc.ua USA T-Mobile internet2.voicestream.com USA AT&T proxy USA Cingular isp.cingular Venezuela Digital TIM gprsweb.digitel.ve Vietnam MobiFone Mobi-gprs-wap
  13. RunTimeWorld

    Three UK "Skype" APK

    Looking for a european version (orange switzerland here) to make calls over 3g without call back fees. "Native" so to speak.
  14. RunTimeWorld

    Developer Wanted - keyboard idea

    Can you PM me and tell me more? I am a hard worker, but need to know more about the "patent" stuff.. not sure what you're all about...
  15. RunTimeWorld

    rom for flashing trough fastboot

    This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for, since I've corrupted my files. But what I can't understand is, that after a new flashing the error still occures. (in my case random color on trackball).. but I think slowly i get there So apparently there must be either a hardcoded value or a protected area with the values that correspond to mtd0 - mtd5. As I did not succeed with my unlocked Nexus to flash the mtd0.img, nor via fastboot neither adb shell, both cases gave me an identical signature error, I assume I have corrupt files, or - because I made a n00b Error, I used an Amoled image for an SLCD device and bricked it.. but since i can still boot into recovery, it is highly possible to fix it. Can someone help me with additional infos from where i stand?

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