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  1. Hi! Well, it gave an error after trying to flash it.. I got error code: 03 00 02, if I remember correctly.. I'll guess have to find someone to JTAG this device! Thank you very much tho!
  2. WOOT! Great! Thank you! I hope it'll solve the issue to get the device out of QCoMM DLMode! I was told it might be a memmory corruption, so I'm hoping to be able to rewrite it! I'll get back later with teh results! Thanks again!
  3. Hi! I have hard bricked my phone a while back, now I'm trying to get it back to life. I'd like to flash .mbn and .hex files but I do not have dump and mine is corrupt. Does anz one have a 7227A_msimage.mbn and MPRG7227A.hex files possiblz at hand? If so, would be greatly apprichiated! w/thx Abel
  4. It seems I would need a complete memory dump from a working blade3 to even start trying! :D Anyone could make me a raw dump? Thankz!!
  5. Hi all! I had time to read the post too, but it can't be done here, because it's in DLOAD mode. Now! I have the drivers, and the qualcom config program, but couldn't find anything to flash, in hope of a resurrection.. I only managed to get it recognized. Other devices were recovered by flashing something called a "hboot.img", but i couldn't find out exactly what it is :D So, if anyone knows about these stuff I would really apprechiate the help, or just pointing me in the right direction! Or this won't help? I was given the infromation, it could have been an internal memory corruption, so maybe a fresh flash could solve it I thought. And excuse my potential ignorance :)
  6. It was the previous build of KonstaT's CM11 or the one before that.. Thanks, I'll take a deep look of the post you linked here!
  7. Hi all! On a bright monday morning last weak I checked my phone for how late I was from work. I saw I was F'in late, put the phone in my pocket, hurried on my way. In the office I took it out to put it on the desk. In an hours time or so I tried to check messages, and such but the phone was off, and unresponsive since... It happen out of nowhere, and it was still so young, and had so much ROMs ahead of it. I already tried to: - take out battery and reinsert. - put it on charger with or without battery. - charge it for a while and try again. No response.. not even a led blink :/ Anyone had similar issues or heard of such? Any advice I could try my self? Thanks for any (constructive) advice, except for rectal application :)
  8. @KonstaT: Google should give you a phone for free! Your name - and fine work - seems to sell a device :D And as always, thank you!
  9. It also seems to be related to free memory.. I read that for some, issues start to appear when around 100Mb RAM is left. Although I didn't check yet if this is the case with our device. Update: Music Folder Player Free seems to do the job so far! :) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.zorillasoft.musicfolderplayer&hl=hu
  10. Chops seem to be an Apollo bug, as other device owners also seem to have this issue. Hopefully it will be fixed later down the road. Winamp instantly dies on my phone, VLC beta still has issues, so anyone has a suggestion for a lightweight stable and free music player app?
  11. Hi dudes and dudettes! I've been using this ROM since upload, without any issues I could mention except for one. But that might be an SD issue, and not a ROM one. My music playback just skips a beat sometimes, like my phone had some more important business from time to time, music playback stops for a sec and then continues.. Had any one met this behaviour, as I started to notice in this version and not the previous ones. But if I'm the only one this might be a user error yet again :D Any advice appreciated, except for those promoting rectal placement of the device :D
  12. Well, I actually did... 2 hours before, so tried to use the remaining time for some sweet rest. In the end I did.. more then planed! :D Thanks for the suggestions, I just wanted to see if the difference is visible at all.. It was in a way :)
  13. This ROM is working great! Thank you! My only problem was this morning, when I forgot to set the Alarm after install, so overslept... well user error like in most of the cases. By the way has anyone had troubles with gapps and/or widgets misbehaving after switching to ART? Should caches also be wiped before/after?
  14. Settings > About phone > Build number <<< Start pushing this in rapid succession it will enable you the Performance menu.
  15. Why would it need constant internet?! A HTML page can be downloaded, and looked at in a browser from the file system. To download something you do need a connection, but hey! Show me an OS where you don't :D Plus Mozilla ported the Unreal engine into webGL and javascript, so these advances can be built in the OS! Take a look: http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/154994-epic-mozilla-release-unreal-engine-3-html5-demo-to-the-public-and-its-awesome
  16. I guess if your goal is to have a custom ROM, and you know about stock-stock/custom-custom relationship, which one would you guess? :D I would guess the latter. (CWM)
  17. Is there any obvious reason I could be missing that could cause booting into a black screen?
  18. Please read some posts above yours, promis it will hold all the answers you seek :D
  19. I understand! Thank you. It's just strange how they speak of it as an almost complete something :D
  20. For give me for my ignorance but the quantal-preinstalled-armel+atlas40.zip is not compatible with the current raring release. So isn't it possible to create a raring-preinstalled-armel+atlas40.zip? Or the changes they made is not compatible with our binaries? Thanks for shading light on this for us, and thanks for your work!
  21. No, I think you got it wrong! It's 4 Micro USB cables for £15.98, and 7 cases (in various colors), and 10 cov... ohh wait... no, you got it right.
  22. Wiping data or cache won't format neither SD nor anything. Have you looked in all menus in CWM? For example - mounts and storage > - format [the partition you want] :) And for the first post of yours: Do the apps crash before you put them on SD?
  23. Just had the chance to try this one out, and have to say, it's just nice! thankyou!
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