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  1. I installed Google Now for 4.0, using one tutorial in XDA, its not the latest version but works well
  2. Tried CM 10.1 then 2 other 4.2 ROMs, and omg, I am going back to this. CM 10.1 was usable, but I had at least 2 reboots per day. This one has best battery efficiency, is clean, fast. Simply an amazing job. Only thing is that I wanted google now from 4.2, is there a way i can get it? and the 4.2 apps wok in this version?
  3. The link for the ROM is really slow, says more than one hour here =/ Any other link available?
  4. How is this rom compared to KonstaT one? Battery life? Bugs? Freezing and restarting?
  5. Thanks for all the work so far, sad we will not get any more updates. And lets be honest, nobody was even expecting Blade to have ICS, we have it running amazingly well (Eco CM9) and also CM10 and CM10.1 working really well (ofc with some problems but still good). Time to move for a new phone, sadly.
  6. I gave up trying using S2E and things like this, my SD card is s*** and whenever I try to use it my phone starts to run really slow. it takes one second to show the keybod when i want to write something, and even while I am writting its not as responsive as if it was installed inside the phone. I just use the normal 'move to SD' option, which is not present in all apps. But as the apps I wanted to install were not so important i dont care, i can be without them without a problem.
  7. Installed this yesteray, really impressed with speed, stability and battery efficiency! Best rom by far! Tried CM10 and CM10.1) I just have one problem, i have 30Mb of free space and when i try to install app (3Mb) it says i don have enough space. But this problem seem to happen with all versions of android I had
  8. After installing this ROM I felt the battery was draining way too much. But after the second charge its really good, lasts all day long easily.
  9. After I started using the EXT partition I noticed a huge decrease in performance =(
  10. just installed it. Project Butter is amazing, runs smooth as hell (and still partially working) was just waiting for a release with camera woking to upgrade (:
  11. hahaha I have already rebooted, factory reset, restored a ROM, and it still doesnt get to work again.
  12. I am using the latest versions (May 31th), and since last wednesday my data connection is not working. I turn it on, the '3g, H or E' icon appears, but the internet doesnt work. And it is always in white, not in blue as it always gets when it really is connected! Any idea of what could have happened? My APN configs are just fine, i've checked that already.
  13. how do i know how big is my system partition?

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