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  1. I had exactly the same turn around time. I expected it would be gone at least a week (maybe two) and was rather suspicious they hadn't fixed it when it turned up so fast. However, all appears to be well.
  2. Lot's of wallets have zips, velcro or pouches for change that aren't for kids? But that's not the point is it.......it was an analogy (I think thats the word I'm looking for).
  3. Oh go on then another comment or two...... I know what people are saying about the blame culture etc etc etc. Just to be clear I am not actually defending stupidity, or clumsiness but the rights of people to assume that a product serves the purpose as advertised. What you are suggesting is that all technical failures are down to the individual and not the company producing the goods (do you work for Apple?). "Fine .. take your wallet hold it upside down and give it a shake ... let me know how you get on with picking your notes up off the floor ...." The words "Shake the wallet" make it intentional, not a design fault and not at all about normal usage. "Regarding holding it in portrait .. thats a pretty poor argument, as you could quite easily (knowing that it may slip out) put the vega in the other way , there isn't anything stopping anybody from down that. Even then it's still not difficult to make sure that it doesn't fall out." Not at all. I don't quite know what you mean by putting the Vega in the other way? If you mean orientate it the other way (turn counter-clockwise) then a) it's not a natural thing for a right handed person to do :D means you are supporting the device with the weaker less co-ordinated hand, which is silly. c) The controls would be underneath the device and not on top. Need I say more? Also "Knowing it might fall out" inferes a known issue with the case. The first you might know about it is your beloved Vega smashed to pieces on the pavement. wAAAHHHHHHH! "Take another example, my work Blackberry's case doesn't hold the blackberry in particularly well either, but it hasn't fallen out once , why because I know it could and therefore I am CAREFUL with it." I have already stated that I know there is an issue with the "crappy" case so if I choose to carry on using it and it falls out well that's just my hard luck. The point is about a protective case that does not protect properly / has massive design flaws. Seriously I get annoyed with the whole 'it's not my fault' attitude of world's population these days ... You broke your device , it was your fault .. take it like a man, accept it and move on .. Don't come ranting on a forum about how the case is crap and therefore its the case's fault. There I said it .. I know nobody else wanted to ... so I will fall on the sacrificial sword. OK, but I think people have already said that. I didn't break my device......no seriously, I'm not the OP. I think he may well have moved on (I guess I should do the same). Have a good day obb, it's been a pleasure.
  4. Companies always test the ground in the US first. Don't think the Apple lawsuit will have much impact as they are being counter sued by Microsoft on the usage of "appstore". I believe that Microsoft are stating that "appstore" is now a mainstream piece of terminology and not specific to Apple products. It could drag on for years.......hooray!
  5. That is complete nonsense. A wallet designed to hold change has a zip....leave that open and sure that's your fault. One of the features of the Vega is it flips from landscape to portrait right? So very likely to be held with one hand while rotating with the other! If what you are saying is true then shouldn't the opening on the case be on the left as most people are right handed. Try flipping the vega from landscape to portrait with the case open. Think you might find that you flip it clockwise and ............whoops it slips out. We are talking real world usage here, commuting for instance, not someone in their bedroom concentrating on not dropping their Vega! The OP will get nowhere, the repair is extortionate and the moral of the story is.......protective cases are a waste of money (unless you want minor scruff resistance), just buy insurance. And that really is all I have to say on this (I need to collect a repeat prescription for me arthritis before I get a set and blue rinse).
  6. Except that the case doesn't present itself as flawed untill a few weeks later when the material stretches and the Vega slips out for the first time (maybe the last time). What you are suggesting is that you should know about an inherent flaw before it presents itself? If so, give us the lottery numbers for Friday would you :D I am careful with mine because I know this happens, and I guess I was lucky because I caught it the first time it happened. I may or may not return the case, and accept responsibility based on that But it's not about taking responsibility in the first instance. Who is responsible when an airbag fails, a seatbelt snaps, etc etc. Dramatic..yes but the same principle applies. You do you best to prevent or minimise the damage from an "accident" which is why you buy the case, but if it fails to deliver on the one thing it was designed to do then there is liability. I am not for one minute suggesting you could swing the Vega around your head and expect to be compensated when it all goes bad, but come on you should be able to pick the thing up and carry it around in a reasonably casual manner. From the Currys website "Designed specifically for the dimensions of your Advent Vega media tablet, the Proporta Advent Vega Folio Case doubles up as a stand, supporting your tablet in landscape orientation for the perfect movie-watching experience!. This case's fine faux leather exterior provides durable protection and its pin-stripe lining adds a touch of class. Your tablet remains fully usable while in the case too, thanks to strategically placed cut-outs.Treat your new Advent Vega to the protection and support it deserves with the innovative Proporta Advent Vega Folio Case? Find out more" P.S. I still think he has a snowballs chance in hell of getting anywhere with this......so I'll say no more.
  7. Providing it falls in the right way you mean. Open side down and you might as well not have bothered. It is a protective carry case with a caveat on how you carry it. This isn't like using a laptop bag and forgetting to do up the zip, there is no zip, it is flawed. Still, I think we all know it's not going to be an appropriate excuse to get a refund (the user has some liability here) but it should do what it is supposed to. I think that not sliding out of the case is well within reasonable expectations. Insurance is always a good idea, though not necessarily DSG.
  8. There is no need to be personal Carl. What is the purpose of a protective case if it does not protect the item for which it was purchased? Just because you have no issue, doesn't mean that there is no issue. The case is absolute, second rate shite in every conceivable regard, and DOES allow the Vega to slip out. I regret paying £20 let alone £30. However, I am glad that your case is still a nice tight fit and continues to give you pleasure. You are quite correct though, it will come to nothing in the eyes of DSG.
  9. Works fine. Used root explorer to copy bootanimation.zip to /data/local and no issues so far after 5 reboots. Might try Cyan next.
  10. I am also looking for a new tablet (although I still have my Vega). I think I will hold off till the end of Q2 in the hope that the rush of new tablets will start a price war. Wishful thinking I know, but they are waaaaaay over priced at the moment (think Xoom and LG Optimus). I would rather go Android but if these guys don't get the pricing right I may go iPad 2 (nooooooooooooo!) Off the top of my head I think these are looking at a half year release date so too late for the 25th. There is also a raft of lower spec'ed machines coming out but I didn't really give them a second glance. Motorola Xoom = now Samsung Galxt Tab 10.1 MSI 100a (Tegra version not Atom & Windows) HTC 10 inch tablet (rumoured - may be showcased this month) Acer 10 inch tablet Lenovo tablet / netbook hybrid (probably have to chop off your arm and leg for that though) Dell 10 inch Toshiba 10 inch (NEW) 8.9 Inch Tablets Samsuung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LG Optimus Pad 8.9 7 inch Tablets HTC Flyer Acer tablet Dell
  11. Look under topic "Mobile Broadband Dongles". It's still on the first page and has all the info you need.
  12. How long did you have the Vega before you took it back? Just wondering if this is returnable regardless of time as it is a hardware fault.
  13. The iPad2 announcement will kill the Xoom stone dead unless they sort out the price. After all a tablet is little more than a ultra portable netbook with limited functionality. I don't think Android fans need another high profile failure.
  14. Agree with above. I only paid £19.99 but to be honest £4.99 would be too much. The case is pretty useless and it looks and feels cheap.
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