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  1. If you haven't already fixed your Desire, then after some trial and error I came up with this fix (post #5) that worked for me.
  2. OK, I'm not sure how or why, but the screen freezes seem to have stopped and my Desire is working fine for now (fingers crossed). No screen freezes since about 2am this morning. Before that, they were happening anytime between booting the phone and 10 to 15 minutes use. I suspect the issue may have been a dodgy battery. I put a 3rd party (no name) battery in when I got the phone back while I waited for the incompetent a$$holes at HTC to send me a new battery. Swapped the battery out around 2am and my Desire appears to have been fine since (apart from being unable to flash a stock ROM). Oh well, happy days....for now!
  3. OK, I'm guessing it's an AMOLED screen. It has HBOOT 0.93.0001. Googling the info seems to indicate only 0.83 or 0.92 have an SLCD. All the other info I can find seems to indicate AMOLED too. This is becoming more infuriating by the hour....would love to know why I can't install the stock ROM.
  4. LOL, you are joking aren't you? This is HTC we're talking about! They couldn't even send the battery back with my replacement phone never mind the box! Is there any other way of telling if my phone has an SLCD?
  5. How do I tell if I've got an SLCD screen then?
  6. Well, there's a story behind it. The phone is a refurbished one from HTC after my original one had to be sent back with a faulty external speaker. So, I'm not sure how old the phone is, though the software info on the phone is shown on my original post. The boot info shows a date of Aug 10 2010,17:52:18. Any help you can give really will be appreciated. Cheers, Rich
  7. I have a custom ROM on my Desire, but need to send it back to HTC again (screen freezes). I've tried flashing both T-Mobile (UK) stock ROMs - RUU_Bravo_TMO_UK_1.15.110.11_Radio_32.30.00.28U_4. 05.00.11_release_122755.exe RUU_Bravo_TMO_UK_1.21.110.4_Radio_32.36.00.28U_4.0 6.00.02_2_release_127570_signed.exe on the Official ROMs thread. Both fail with ERROR [140]: Bootloader version error. Can anyone tell me what stock ROM version I need and where I can get it? My Desire is on T-Mobile (UK) with the following details :- android 2.2 baseband kernel [email protected] # 1 build CL274424 release keys software browser webkit 3.1 boot info bravo pvt ship s-on hboot-0.93.0001 microp-31d touch panel-SYNW0101 radio- Aug 10 2010,17:52:18 Any help greatly appreciated....PLEASE!! My first time posting to this forum...be gentle with me! Rich
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