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  1. not getting calls for some reason, fresh install, on either gb friendly basebands :(, any ideas?
  2. did you buy it before jan, or after thats the only way I can tell you ;), whats the version number on the box
  3. it is now a code 2 product, it used to be code 5, this changed about a month ago in store.
  4. they said a gingerbread update would follow early in 2011 and it didnt, so I wouldnt expect dsgi to release honeycomb, just hope the devs do well.
  5. you running cm7? I get about 6 hours of film watching, 4 hours of gaming and 8 hours reading. Frankly thats better then I was expecting when I first bought my vega in november
  6. well it is, frankly it appeases the dire hard modders, samsung can say they helped the community and people with the sgs2 can get after warranty software updates from cyanogen, frankly its win/win for samsung
  7. Puals modaco rom is by far the fastest/stablest over all, cyabogen its just a matter of time, and LGs software is kinda poop compared to both really, the work alone paul is doing on this device deserves my membership
  8. Ive noticed that I get charge/blackscreen problems often with mck14 and eternity but its fine with mck11
  9. its the android section of the site, anything in line with power of the desire is better then the iphone ;) My friend has had some gaming annoyences with his gs2, and ist apparent the tegra based phones are better at gaming, even with slightly less hardware, so frankly its apples or oranges which do you prefer?
  10. I have no issues bouncing between the two myself, I just back up mcr, wipe data and install cm7, it black screens about 4 hours later and I go back to mcr
  11. I eouldnt recomendjust one drive as a back up anyways, having at leasta raid1 set up is a good idea though if your capable, I dont know about the elements series but I can tell you the passport series have had the sata connection removed and replaced with a weird ass connection that has to be proprietary. Ive worked for pcw for a long time as a tech guy and now a knowhow clinic specialist, too many people trust portable hdds and dont understand how prone to damage they are, be it knocks, the loose usb points or picking it up while its on and scrapping the disks.
  12. http://android.modaco.com/content/advent-v...online-kitchen/ You can sideload the marketplace but its not very good or reliable, Have a read of the above thread, and also read www.myadventvega.co.uk for advise of factory reseting if you cock up the above link, its damn near impossible to make a vega unfixable.
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