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  1. chrisdev

    Is my Back/Menu key broken?

    OK thanks for the quick replies, looks like it's going back - grrrr :P
  2. chrisdev

    Wifi Sleep Policy

    I agree this is quite annoying, the device completely looses connectivity when sleeping (not able to ping as soon as it sleeps). I just tried installing the free version of KeepWiFi which I've used successfully in the past, but that doesn't help either.
  3. chrisdev

    Is my Back/Menu key broken?

    All, Just received my Vega as part of the 2nd batch, but I have a problem I think. My Back/Menu key on top of the device is very "spongy" , it doesn't have the same definite "click" as the Power button, and even when I hold it for 2 seconds, it doesn't actually appear to do anything. Does that sound wrong compared to yours? Any advice on returning it for a new one? Thanks!

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