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  1. I'm up for a bit of a lottery!!! I deserve to win more than anyone else because ................. OK I don't really :D Good luck to everyone who enters - lets hope one of us wins :D ........
  2. Yes, sorry about that - just been reading back through and noticed that you and others are not on 1.08 ;) Better go get another coffee to wake up!! ;)
  3. From reading through all the screen glitch threads and posts, I would say that the issues started with the stock 1.08 rom issued by Advent rather than the r2 kernel. I cannot say for sure as I haven't checked it myself, but I suspect that the r2 kernel may not be the culprit.
  4. Thanks for clearing that up Paul - Promise to stay on topic now. My original question was that I was testing the water with all this Vega stuff by installing the Smallbar prebake last night, but the bar did not seem any smaller? I was wondering if it was just me or if there might be an issue with the prebake. I did not have a problem with the update process other than the cmd window had an entry in the list that there was no space left on the device (which means absolutley zilch to me). Some constructive help and guidance for an absolute novice would be much appreciated.
  5. T4ylor - you are a true pragmatist. I am VERY, VERY new to all this stuff and braved to ask a question - I have no idea what I am getting into, but I am sure I will make up my own mind to subscribe to 'ad-free' at a point when I have the benefit of experience that everyone else seems to have (certainly Paul seems to deserve every penny!). However, it is quite intimidating when a genuine first post question is met with (what feels like) such houndings.
  6. ?????? Why include a prebake rom in the first post with 'smallbar' in there then ????? I would check your facts before giving everyone the 'your not part of our club' treatment. Remember there are a lot of new people joining in this party as a result of their Vega purchase and some just want to dip there toes a little before jumping in!
  7. I have the same problem as 'warriorscot' had with R5 prebaked smallbar rom - the bar does not appear to be any smaller. Also noticed that when the add-on is installed using the cmd prompt method, there is a message towards the end of the list which states that there is 'not enough space' (just before 'setting permissions'). All seems to be working a treat though, including flash....... just no smallbar. :) Any thoughts? P.S. Many thanks Paul - U R D Man!
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