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  1. Hi, although I search a part for my X5 (swich/flexcable from on-off button), I could imagine the same is used in the X3? (much more easy to get) maybe someone can confirm my hope? thx
  2. No more youtube with this rom!? app shut down directly after start. [terminated unexpected...force closure] Can´t reinstall from market [inst. failed] and reinstall apk from sd doesn´t change anything. [Haven´t had probs with stackbladroid v01 - also no other issues with this rom ] any ideas?
  3. same here, don´t know if I have "amon-ra" used the TPT-img (sais Build:RA-blade v221) "zip verification failed zip isn´t signed correctly Installation aborted" no matter if the script is put in as downloaded (update-script.txt) or without the "txt" extension (nor the untouched theme) any Idea? Sorry - it works (verify disabled ;) ) with "txt" removed NICE - finally got rid off the white backgrounds ;) thx
  4. everything is fine (RLS9-img) but: NO GPS any fixes , workaround (!?) sorry if it´s mentioned allready - no time to read the entire thread thx
  5. I run a slim Froyo and it lags only in complex levels (no advertising), quiet often, though. In this case I just have to be patient at the beginnig (5-10sec) - then it flows smooth needs time to load all infos I guess @sere; greeds2MP4nat. ;) (LiquidN)
  6. Personally, I would find it helpful if any hints to the Android version are given in the title (at least in the postings). Maybe a chain of letters and numbers (TM_P729TV1.0.0B02) does not tell everything to everybody (i.e. me) ;)
  7. asked that in the thread, too question seems to be too dumb ....or difficult ;)
  8. I really would like to see an extra section for roms in this forum. It´s quite confusing to get (at least) an Idea of what´s out.
  9. Just extract the youtube apk from another rom (eg 2.1) did you connect to gmail via 3 or 2G (data allowed)?
  10. (it´s claimed) to shorten battery life. let´s say the cell has 1000 charging cycles, a cycle from 80% to 100% counts as much as from 0-100. Other point is the maximum, achievable power (mAh) depends on charging treatments don´t know if I read it here, but it´s the only link I still have :P - interesting anyways http://anythingbutipod.com/2010/01/mp3-player-battery-guide/
  11. yes , you´re right - at least for debugging. (thanks) I´m pretty sure there was an extra section for usb in the settings in 2.1? So no way to avoid charging during connection?
  12. Hi, maybe more lucky in this thread... I´m searching the usb-settings! (debugging/no charge on usb/mount) only get debug+mount when connecting to PC (incl. annoying hardware wizard) how do I reach these settings on the phone? not in settings/wireless+network anymore (as in 2.1) thanks
  13. worked for me in the 1st run. do you use clockwork rc? did you wipe the phone before "installing zip from sd"? (assuming you come from 2.1)
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