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  1. Hey i installed it all and everyting works great except wifi won't see any access points, there anyway to fix this? (sorry if its been asked but theres alot of pages to read through)
  2. yeah i tryed beta 3 but it just shows that loading android screen. Set kernel zImage Set ramsize 180*1024*1024 Set mtype 1626 Set ramaddr 0x50000000 Set kernelcrc 1 Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 init=/init" boot is that loading screen just the pinkscreen recompiled ? oh wait did u mean manualy installing it onto the card? didn't think of that :)
  3. Hey i reinstalled the beta 2 (manual) and it just restarts to winmo after the pinkscreen, any1 know what i did wrong? (i got it working b4 i tryed the beta 3 installer) Sorry for asking about an old version but you kept the same thread and my sd card is only 1gb so can't install beta 3.
  4. Hey how long until you fix the internal storage bug? is it worth me reinstalling beta 2? Tryed manualy installing it but it just restarts back to WinMo after i run haret.
  5. damn i was halfway through running the automatic installer when i saw the big "DON'T USE AUTOMATIC INTERNAL STORAGE INSTALLER" message on the site :( can this be installed manually ?
  6. Whats the best swap file size to use? goin over 128 or 256 seams bit overkill, or can a mobile realy use that much?
  7. It seams to be only some, i personaly found the calibration noticeably better than WinMo.
  8. I noticed that aswell, charging overnight and was at 87% the next day. but its gone up2 94% now i think it just takes alot longer to charge up in the 90s?
  9. Installed it and it wll works fine :) only bug i found is i can't access the winmo's "storage" from android or install alot of apps from the sd card. i heard they added a script so u don't need the task killer? and does it still benefit from setcpu? The battery last much longer than in beta1 but its hard to compete with winmo 1-2weeks for each charge :)
  10. Thanx for this info its working now, the 1st part mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdXY fixed the logo loop problem :)
  11. I had this problem at one point aswell, im not very good with linux im only running it from cd and kept getting permision messages when copying the ziped files to the partition, so i think some of the files didn't get copied properly maybe u did the same thing? (im now stuck on the android loadin screen so im probably not much help :P)
  12. Any1 else stuck on the android logo screen? It has the light reflection,but then the refletion stops and a few secs later it goes black for a few seconds like it starting but goes back to the light going across the logo looks like its stuck in a loop.
  13. myns pink aswell am i suposed to be reformating the sd card as ext4? i don't get what it means by "mount" i think im doin it wrong lol
  14. I used to have that in winmo, like it won't update the time for a few secs unless u unlock the phone. have u tryed turning off cleartype? that fixed it for me. and also mines always slow after using a usb to pc connection until i restart it. (thats all in winmo)
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