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  1. i do what you say, wipe all, install again rom, and nothing, the status bar not appeared, then i install original rom by folder dload, and exactly the same problem, don't have the bar... I do not know what happened....if someone can help me please write here.....thank you
  2. yes, 0.8, after i flash this rom, this is the first custom rom, I had the orginal rom 2.3.5, flash stock 2.3.3, root and then install recovery, and then lucky rom..... I will try to reinstall after do wipe all
  3. after install this rom, dissapear in the status bar the shortcut wifi,gps,orientation,etc...how to make to activate this... thanks good rom
  4. no, i want a cab for omnia setting, like in your rom...it look like omnia2 ...
  5. separate cab for new lookscreen omnia's settinng, you have ?
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