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  1. I'am also confused about the problem. I know that the problem is the boot.img. On my SF only ROMs for OLED-only are running fine. At the point OLED and TFT ROMs in one coming up, no ROM running on my phone. When i exchange the boot.img from OLED/TFT to an old OLED-only boot.img then the touchscreen works. But the last 2.2 OLED-only ROMs are not based on the actual Kernel...
  2. long time ago i've started this thread, during last months i havent time to try the new fixes. But today i've tried it, but nothing worked for me. i've tried following ROMs: first TPT from Gen1 to Gen2 then Ginger Stir Fry Beta13 =>Touchscreen not working then Swedish Spring RLS5 with the touchscreen kernel fix =>Touchscreen not working Going back to Gen1 with TPT flashed my old Nandroid Backup 2.1 ROM => Touchscreen works fine again Swedish Spring RLS5 on Gen1 => Touchscreen not working flashed Touchscreen fix standalone => Touchscreen not working Someone have any idea to fix my problem? or help to find the rootcause for the problem... thanks Seb.
  3. On 2.1 i got to work with manual edit the "wpa_supplicant.conf". Insert: network={ ssid="eduroam" scan_ssid=1 proto=WPA key_mgmt=WPA-EAP pairwise=TKIP group=TKIP eap=TTLS anonymous_identity="[email protected]" identity="*****@abcde.com" password="*******" phase2="auth=PAP" }
  4. Hi, exchange the boot.img with the one from FLB r6 dont work => phone stuck @ green android. Maybe you have misunderstood, i was going back to my old eclair ROM (Sebastian404's de-orangeated-rom- r6). Not your FLB r6 :D Flashing your origin FLB r6 same issue, no touchscreen working. (FLB r6 is also an OLED/TFT version). :P
  5. O.k. back to my old r6 ROM. With the changed OLED boot.img WIFI is not working. Is ist possible to build an actual Froyo boot.img with OLED support only? I'm wondering no one other has this problem.
  6. Have foud a first solution, changing the boot.img [flb-froyo-blade-r8a OLED/TFT] with an OLED only version, the touchscreen is usable. Don't know why the dual version won't work on my SF. :P
  7. Have tried some more ROMs. Eclair: Sebastian404's de-orangeated-rom [OLED only] - r4 =>Touchscreen is o.k. Sebastian404's de-orangeated-rom [OLED only] - r6 =>Touchscreen is o.k. Sebastian404's de-orangeated-rom [OLED/TFT] - r8 =>Touchscreen unresponsive Sebastian404's de-orangeated-rom [OLED/TFT] - r9 =>Touchscreen unresponsive Froyo: -FLB-Froyo G2 for ZTE Blade (r8a) [OLED/TFT] => Touchscreen unresponsive -de-crossed (cheque) r0.2 [OLED/TFT] => Touchscreen unresponsive -Japanese Jellyfish RLS9 [OLED/TFT] => Touchscreen unresponsive -stackbladroid_v0.2 [OLED only] =>Touchscreen is o.k. It seems to be a problem with the dual OLED/TFT ROMs, all ROMs only for OLED runnig fine. ROMs for both shows the issue.
  8. Hi, i have an B05 OLED SF. Running fine with Seb404s r6 ROM. Now i have tried to flash a newer Version like Seb404s R8 or R9. After flashing the phone boots in the normal way, but the touchscreen does not react. Unlock the screen or SIM input is not possible. The notification-LED is flashing red. Same issue with FLB-Froyo G2 ROM. Flashed with Clockwork and both partitions wiped. MD5 sums are correct. further information: going back to Seb404s R6 by clockwork the touchscreen function is fine. Can sombody help? Thanks Seb.
  9. Hi Sebastian, i have tried to flash my B05 SF with the R9 release (coming from R06). After flash the touchscreen does not respond, it is not possible to enter a PIN or to unlock the screen. I have the same issue with the R08 release. Both partitions have been wiped and clockworkmod is version MD5 sum is correct. Any ideas? thanks Seb.
  10. Hi, i tried to flash the r8 ROM on my B05 SF. (coming from r6 fat) I wiped partitions & cache, after flashing the phone boots in the normal way, but the touchscreen fail to respond. Unlock the screen or input sim-pin ist not possible. Everything is fine when going back to r6, Clockwork update from to and reflash r8 aigain (with wipe) also ends with an not responsive touchscreen. Thanks for any ideas. Greets from Germany, Seb.
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