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    Jiayu G2 Review

    hi guys. just wanted to know whether thes phones work fully in the uk. ive read that 3g might not work. how would i be able to check if 3g will work in the uk thanks
  2. seems like a good phone at the price but do you reckon it will have a lot of developers? phones that you can buy in the uk or us usually have a lot of developers for custom roms etc
  3. how do i install this rom, do i just flash it using cwm? thanks
  4. i think i might do the same thing, after checking on ebay the atrix will work out cheaper then the zte grand x, seems like a very solid idea edit: after reading through some of the cm9 threads, there are still a lot of bugs with ics, so there might be a few bugs with JB. i would've bought an atrix in the next couple of weeks if i knew there was a fully (everything) working cm9 rom.
  5. is there an ics rom for the atrix, it seems like a pretty good idea but i cant find any ics roms on this site and is this a usa only phone? i didn't know that this phone was released in the uk?
  6. just wondering, would that be compatible with uk sim cards or only chinese sims? and you would have to pay at least £15 to ship to the uk
  7. i think if this phone has enough development and a JB rom is released then i think the phone would be great at the price. im hoping the lag wont be too bad.
  8. does anyone know how much the zte era or huawei ascend p1 will be. i reckon they will be better for the price. and do you reckon the 512mb of ram will really affect the speed of the phone (multitasking) thanks :)
  9. hey guys, i have about £200 to spend, can anyone recommend a good phone to buy, im not going to be buying a phone now but in a couple of months, so even if the phone is not released yet i will take a look at it. thanks for the help
  10. apparently that is only single core, hope its dual core because then it would be a steal
  11. hi, ive currently got an orange san francisco and am looking to upgrade. what do you think is the best phone to get? i have saved about £150, any recommendations? even if the i phone is not released yet like the grand x thanks
  12. does this have the screen rotate transitions like on ics? and how do i download gapps thanks a lot :)
  13. anyone know how to get this to work. if i click the voice icon in the google search bar it opens the old google voice, but if i go through my apps and open it, it loads google now but says 'sorry didnt catch that- retry' thanks if anyone can help
  14. hey im looking to get an upgrade for my zte blade, the only problem is i have only got a budget of around £150. what would be the best phone to look at, i have take a look at the huawei g300 but i dont know whether that phone is much better than the blade speed wise.. if anyone can help me then i would be greatly appreciative :) thanks
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