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  1. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to set up a proxy with authentication so you can connect to corporate wifi with CM7? If so, how?! It's been bugging me for a while and I can't find an answer anywhere. Many thanks!
  2. strumluff

    Any 2.3 ROMs around?

    Does anyone know if 2.3 or Cyanogen allow you to set a proxy for wifi?
  3. Does this mod mean that Wifi proxy settings will be modifiable on the blade now? Or will that still not be possible? Many thanks.
  4. Hi flibble, great to see you're back!! I'm running the initial r6 version but I made the fixes that were in r6a myself (notably the updated contactsprovider.apk and wifi file). Would that make it okay to update to r8a without wipe? Cheers!
  5. Like others here it's your ROM I've been using from your very first 2.2 release and have loved your work and greatly appreciate the effort you have put in to making the blade so much more usable. I echo the others above and while sorry to hear you're stopping it I'm glad to hear you have not completely thrown in the towel. There's no need to apologise, you deserve a break and shouldn't be working on it if it's stressing you out. Thanks again for all your efforts.
  6. Get widgetsoid from the market and make your own switch widget (that looks exactly the same) but with the toggles you want ;)
  7. You can flash the wifi fix yourself, just search this thread for 'wifi_fix'
  8. Flash it the same way you flashed the ROM via Clockwork ;)
  9. Something seems to be up with the wifi. I can connect fine at home on my WPA2 network. However at work we have an EAP network which I can normally connect to. However now it just says Connecting... then immediately disconnects. Mega broke =/ Any ideas about this?
  10. strumluff

    Ask a daft question!

    Yep and you can get them from here: http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...a-win7-x86-x64/
  11. You rock I've been waiting for this fix for ages, didn't realise it worked in other roms. Initial testing shows wifi now reconnecting automatically and quickly. Will see if it stays this way :D
  12. In the past I have been able to use this to get the circle battery indicator: http://circle.glx.nl/ I haven't tried this with r4 or above though. You're welcome to have a go.
  13. Woot, I have got to try this at work on Monday, I know TransProxy was not working before the new kernel came along!
  14. Well I've updated to r6 now. I don't know if you implemented the above, as I still have to wait for about a minute after sleep and still it doesn't automatically reconnect, it just tells me that there are wi-fi networks available and I need to manually select my network to connect again. Is this just me?
  15. Using the new kernel that you asked for testing so far my observation is that the wifi still drops and does not automatically reconnect when waking, even after just a few minutes so it hasn't solved this problem :D The backlights do work, but only sometimes, I noticed a few times the button backlights for home and Menu would not light up when pressed.

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