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  1. If you go to this website you will find out how to do this. It is a very good mod but still one or two bugs to be ironed out which you can read about before committing but I haven't really looked back yet ;)
  2. You need to have the Advent Vega attached to the PC with the USB cable provided and have Debugging switched on the Vega then try and run the transfer companion and it should work for you.
  3. When you updated to Vegacomb did you follow instructions to the letter re Modded stock 2 and clearing all the caches? Check date/time are accurate as well it has been reported this can cause issues with the Market. Failing that check out the Tabletroms forum for more possibilities. ;)
  4. There are several Gallery alternatives on the Market but if you upgrade to Vegacomb 3.2 the default gallery app functions quite nicely.
  5. You normally get the 'incompatible' message for a reason but if you still want to go ahead and try then you should be able to download it from the developers own website which is linked to within the Market advert. If for some reason the developer does not have a download then just Google the app name and there normally is another mirror site somewhere with the apk.
  6. Sorry to hear about your hardware problems Phil and I hope the battery issue doesn't emerge as the achilles heel of the Vega. Anyway time will tell but thanks for all your contributions to this forum in the past and hopefully in the future and good luck with your new Galaxy. ;)
  7. Tony it would help if you explained what ROM version/release number you are on? I'm not aware of any streaming issues yet on Vegacomb 3.2 but maybe it is a wi-fi problem. Have you modified or added anything on your network recently? <_<
  8. Thanks for the update and reassurance ;)
  9. Your 5-6 seconds delay sounds too long. I have perhaps a 2-3 second delay a white screen briefly flashses then lock screen appears. Is your Vega fully charged? Try it with the power lead connected see if that makes any difference. Failing that try upgrading to r8.1 and it may well go away. ;)
  10. I've read that people experiencing this problem need to make sure they don't touch the screen as you press the power button as this seems to affect the power-up sequence for some reason.
  11. OK CWM is in Moddedstock v2 which is a pre-requisite to loading VC 3.2 see below:- "[ROM] ModdedStock_1.10 v2 - Updated Stock ROM Base This is an extremely simple ROM modification to the standard Advent Vega 1.10 system image that only alters a couple of things. These are as follows: * /system partition size increased from 128mb to 155mb. (The reason for this will be explained below) * su and SuperUser.apk added - You can use root apps as standard now. * ClockworkMod Recovery built-in. * Added Pauls simple recovery reboot app to get into CWM recovery."
  12. If you installed VC 3.2 r7 it will automatically install CWM so that it is available to you. There is a download link here about halfway down the page for the r7 to r8.1 zip file which you should download to your sdcard. Then I believe all you need to do is go to the app page on your Vega and select the 'Recovery' app which launches CWM and puts the Vega in the correct mode. Then from the menu choose to install from the zip file you downloaded to your sdcard and let it run through to the finish. It should then reboot itself to the new r8.1 and you will be done.
  13. I just started a thread on the subject of recommended Honeycomb apps here so do take a look.
  14. That's good news indeed for those of us who have taken the plunge and upgraded to VC 3.2 already. I personally am waiting for the full image of r8 before I upgrade but cannot wait to try out the GPS again. Keep us posted on your progress too. ;)
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