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  1. Jacobyte

    Advent Vega V2

    All, Rumour mill says it will be out end of September so get saving...
  2. All, DSG appears to have increased to the price of a Vega by £30. Amazing considering it's now been in the market for best part of a year and the other tablet prices are tumbling. Has Vegacomb breathed new life into the Vega and allowed a price increase? Jacobyte
  3. Jacobyte

    Advent Vega V2

    All, It exists!! So now its in the Public domanin will someone admit to knowing something about it!! Jacobyte http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/news/tablets/3291338/advent-vega-2-coming-in-september/
  4. ♫ Good Life by OneRepublic (Groovy mix based on OneRepublic) #nowplaying #zikeragroove

  5. Katia Zatuliveter 'was best KGB agent in 30 years,' claims former colonel. She must be earth shattering in bed http://t.co/JOB9nozL

  6. #nowplaying I am listening to M.M.I.X. by Coldplay on Mylo Xyloto
  7. Halloween Light Show 2011 - Party Rock Anthem http://t.co/he7Ucwkq

  8. #nowplaying I am listening to Video Games by Lana Del Rey on Video Games - EP
  9. “Zombies are the new vampires" in The Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2011. The Red MAD Men Dress is also hot! http://t.co/iHVSEtnP

  10. Women drivers at greater risk in car crashes because of sexist safety measures http://t.co/MTunREJG

  11. It's a hard days night..

  12. #nowplaying I am listening to Satellite by OceanLab on Satellite Incl Markus Schulz Remix
  13. Elderly people 'read iPads three times faster than normal books http://t.co/rh8rFqlG

  14. What’s the secret of Britain's love affair with spies and honeypots? http://t.co/HdqWbyeT

  15. Jacobyte

    Advent Vega V2

    If you follow one of the links above its on sale for $349
  16. Rogue mobile phone apps that run up huge bills without users’ knowledge are set to be regulated, http://t.co/KKgb6Xd8

  17. Women who drink four or more cups a day are less likely to be depressed http://t.co/C9hiK7fd

  18. Milan Fashion Week: Celebrities on the front row Margareth Made looks best... http://t.co/mrYv6j9N

  19. #nowplaying I am listening to Welcome to My Truth by Anastacia on Anastacia
  20. The advent of the global brain...and it's insane.... http://t.co/Guhi1pUP

  21. Woman, 45, faces jail for having sex with a dog http://t.co/lFUIbXEh

  22. Husband posts wife's Sat Nav on eBay after its listed journeys revealed she had been having an affair http://t.co/Z0nCYixw

  23. Walking in a straight line down a catwalk is harder than you might think. http://t.co/KJyOlpvH


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