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  1. Any plans for 4.3 modaco custom rom in the near future Paul? Sorry for double post, site gave an error when posting, also I have a broken bone in my right hand (unrelated but thought I'd mention it)
  2. Uprgrading from r9 to r11 for me caused constant "system ui has stopped working" issues and I am using Nova Pro as my launcher. Reverted to r9
  3. Might be though I thought Paul had posted with regards to the latest modaco custom on his twitter feed
  4. Further to this... 2 problems I have; 1) default email app constantly crashes (using a replacement) 2) power use report shows bluetooth using a stupid % of the power (60% after only 1 hour after running the rom)
  5. I've noticed that TB can't do anything relating to the "system" part of the device. Won't integrate updates and won't restore any app that was a system app. Clearly something changed in JB that stops TB from doing so.
  6. Well, it turns out that Titanium Backup 5.3.2 wouldn't install for me but 5.3.0 would, weird, oh well, great rom. So far still trying to work out how to make use of Google Now other than a few voice searches, but it is a pretty cool little gadget.
  7. Wiped cache and dalvik cache after flashing the Jr1.1, still having the problem with titanium backup, keeps saying don't have enough space to install despite the 9 gig free :(
  8. Hey Paul, I tried formatting the cache in recovery without a flash of the latest prebake and still the same problem with titanium backup (was it updated? the file size was identical but then I assume it should be if there is just a little code edit without changing file size). I guess I'll still flash the latest prebake I downloaded and wipe the caches... Also since I wrote this I see you have updated the prebake so that answers that question :)
  9. I'm having a problem with Titanium backup. When I flashed JR1 over IR14 I was told after load that Titanium stopped working. When I tried to load it FCd on me, I tried wiping data and that didn't fix, so I thought that maybe somehow the apk had corrupted in update (I assumed that titanium was in the initial prebake) so I uninstalled it and then tried to install from market. Every time it downloads, starts to install and then stops due to "insufficient storage" which is clearly bananas since my phone has around 9gig free on storage (and lots free on the rom). Anyone else suffering this issue? I'm going to flash the newest prebake since its been updated a bit and see if that helps.
  10. This beta is running great, almost no issues at all. I've had 1 soft boot so far with use since install on day of release. Great work to all involved.
  11. Awesome, will wait for their update too :)
  12. Reloaded ICS doesn't work with this build apparently :( but I can certainly live without it :) Rom is working great so far after the patch for beta 3
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