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  1. It's definitely not code 5, but you could try exchange on the basis of the dodgy screen if you have the same issue.
  2. I'm not sure that's true - we went to PC World in Derby and they had stock as do several others around the Notts area, and so did John Lewis - they seemed to have plenty when I bought mine there.
  3. Update on my return. I took mine in on Sunday and they called me back on Monday saying reflashing to stock had solved the problem (it didn't...). They told me I had invalidated my warranty anyway due to putting other ROMs on and they were in effect doing me a favour by even looking at it... I explained that the guy I spoke to in customer services on the telephone said he knew this was an issue with the Vega and they said they would check that out by calling head office. I am almost 100% sure that they did not call head office at all, and just tried to fob me off on Tuesday. I went back in to pick up Vega on Tues evening. They forgot to give me my charger, and when they were sorting out the paperwork, I noticed they had scratched the middle of the screen! To be fair they started to offer me a refund, to which I enquired if I could get an exchange as I wanted to go home with a Vega to play with again. The chap said no?!?!? So I asked if they had a Vega I could buy after the refund at which point I thought I would be quids in as I bought an original one at £250 and buy a new one now for £200. They asked me to go and check with one of the sales staff, and the sales person said I should be able to upgrade if I wanted to. Went back and asked about this, to which the 'manager' said no, because this was meant to be a straight swap!!!! At this point I was fuming with being messed around and asked for a full refund. She then refused this too, even though it was the initial offer. After another 5 minutes of arguing they gave me the refund and put me off getting another Vega - I don't want to go through all that again should I have any issues. I'm sorry to say that after doing more research I found that the new ipad does most of what I need to do, and is more reliable with it. And I got it from John Lewis with their no quibbles anything do dah. The best bit of all of this for me - I actually only paid £190 for my Vega in the first instance as their customer services refunded me for messing me around back in December...back then they refunded me £60, and now they have done it again, so the ipad didn't really cost a lot! I should also say thanks to everyone here who made my last 6 months with a Vega fun and interesting - I learnt a load of new things and when my HTC Desire is out of warranty I'm likely going to play around with that a little more.
  4. I think the "consumer trade/sale of goods act" bit is only for 6 months and as such you can ask for your money back or exchange etc. After this I think you are down to their warranty terms which could be different - so they do not have to do exchange on site/refund etc. I could be wrong but that has always been my understanding. Mine was just above 6 months so I didn't push for straight exchange on site.
  5. I presume that is only applicable to those under 6 months?
  6. pdej

    external dvd

    That depends on what you call "big". The Vega reads my 250GB disk drive - that's plenty big enough for me.
  7. My Vega has just joined the "repair" club too. I took it in as my accelermeter has stopped working two or three times in the past month and I've had the double tap issue too, although perhaps not as bad as others, or maybe I just haven't used it as often when it is plugged in. Anyway the guy in my local store took it in for repair as they are no longer code 5. He didn't really know anything about them, or their problems as this was the first one returned to my local store. Anyway, I couldn't be bothered pushing for instant exchange as he was very decent compared to many of the staff there. I'll miss it, but if it sorts out the issues it'll be worth the wait!
  8. pdej

    Forum Tidying

    +1 to all of this. Lets tidy this place up.
  9. pdej

    Avoid Currys

    Try your luck with another branch or call customer services, or even email their ceo direct-john somebody-search on the forum and it comes up? You've nothing to loose. Not sure you can call them a bunch of thieves though- surely they had one to play with, or somewhere elwe locally had one to look at?
  10. Hi Simon, I solved it already, but I think it came up showing NVidia. I did as posted above and downloaded USBDeview and uninstalled all NVidia drivers and everything started working. I think this was from my previous attempts to get this to work on Win 7. Anyway. Everything is running perfectly now - and I've just gone through the whole process another time without issue. Thanks for the excellent tool! I would use your dropbox link, but already have it myself, but as a thank you I'll pass on your link the next time I let someone know about it. EDIT: And for measure, my Vega decided to throw another wobbly, so I've completed a third and hopefully final, setup from scratch using this! Oh and reflashing seems to have sorted out my accelerometer issue as well.
  11. Hi Simon, THis took longer for me to try out than I thought it would, but actually ended up needing to try it due to my accelerometer breaking... I'm running this on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. I have managed to use the tool to wipe the existing drivers, and reinstall the stock ones and stock ROM. I'm now trying to move onto installing the Modaco drivers, but the tool is telling me that ADB is not switched on yet, and that I should enable USB Debugging. USB Debugging is on, but I cannot get the tool to recognise the Vega being ready. I'm probably not techie enough to understand many of the posts above, so apologise if this is the same info or the answer is already above. If there is any more info you would like let me know.
  12. Sorry! I had read the whole thread and had seen 64bit mentioned several times but forgot i had read 32 at the top. Thanks again, will try this tomorrow.
  13. Will this work on Win 7x32? I'm not near my netbook to try it with. I've not had a single issue with drivers on xp but cannot get them sorted on 7 so want to try this.
  14. Do you have a link for the item or seller?
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