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  1. Latest Vegacomb in host mode works with the wired 360 controller and the onLive app.
  2. Work flawlessly on the Advent Vega and is perfect with the Xbox wired controller (Vegacomb with host mode USB)
  3. Doesn't list any of my devices as compatible - including VegaComb 1.7
  4. Yeah sorry - I noticed that you'd used recovery after I posted. There are tons of posts about how to nvflash the system - it's the same as flashing the stock vega rom (up to the point of running the VegaComb restore_windows.bat ) and full instructions on getting into the flash mode are on www.myadventvega.co.uk. Look for the Full System Restore instructions, but when it says double click their restore file, go to the vegaComb folder and run Restore_Windows.bat
  5. Don't use recovery mode, it's nvFlash mode you want. Power off then hold back 3secs, then also hold Power 3 secs then release that keeping back held for another 3 secs. Once your Vega is in flash mode all you need to do is run the batch file 'Restore_Windows.bat' (or in Linux: Restore_linux.sh )
  6. And 399 euros isn't what I'd call a 'smaller price'.
  7. Today's update from splashtop fixes the problems. Seems to work well on the Vega.
  8. Yep, it's the 'Playstation Suite' initiative.
  9. I heard a rumour that it might be £79.99 in Orange stores some time during February (+£20 top up). Argos - £89 plus pay for one top up, and get another free. That would make it the same as the deal above. If you don't plan to use the PAYG sim, both are the same as the Pixmania deal at £100 for the handset.
  10. jasonic8

    Video Formats

    I just read that Ubuntu has MediaTomb UPnP server since Hardy. So that'd suggest you can use the UPnPlayer app on the vega. It seems you should even be able to set up transcoding in MediaTomb via VLC. Worth investigating at mediatomb.cc
  11. Here's the info. I received afer I told them the application seemed to be getting 'back key' signals and so exiting.
  12. I've just switched from X10i to Blade too. Given SE's position on 2.2 and above it wasn't a tough decision. Didn't know about FreeX10 though - will check it out, thanks.
  13. It's as snug as the old strap - the holder is same after all - but I guess you could push it out from the back a bit easier if you tried.
  14. I went for a £6 casio black plastic strap from Timpsons, fitted.
  15. Range seems better now ( X10i). Previously it seemed like it needed to be within 1 metre.
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