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  1. The Yellow Monster

    Teclast X98 air II (HG9M) small review

    Microsoft have been working really hard on deploying newer versions much quicker, and it looks like there is a major update due very soon. The experience on a Windows 10 tablet is far far far far superior to that on Windows 8.1. I'll quite hapily live with a few inconveniences when the reward is much quicker development and more frequent updates.
  2. The Yellow Monster

    X98 Air II / 3G owners, how do you like it?

    I flashed with Mireks190's 4.1 ROM (5.0 Lollipop), it is rooted.
  3. The Yellow Monster

    BIOS plus Android ROM

    Windows 10 had been running well, but battery use in sleep has been terrible, apparently 2.02 BIOS fixes it, so I took the plunge and updated. After that I tackled Android because the stock Chinese KitKat isn't great. Flashed with Mireks190's 4.1 ROM (5.0 Lollipop). Process was nice and easy and I've kept Windows untouched. So far performance has been very good on Android. Streamed with Plex, installed a load of Google apps, switced to Google Now launcher, all looking good. My wifi problems remain on this device regardless of OS, I'm convinced it's hardware now, might open her up and have a look.....
  4. The Yellow Monster

    Wifi performance

    Hi, I have the x98 air ii, upgraded to Windows 10. Android still on stock. I'm having issues with WiFi, the signal is really poor where other devices are fine. It's happening on both operating systems. Does anyone else have similar issues or do I have a potential hardware issue? YM
  5. The Yellow Monster

    Nexus owners - come get your Marshmallow treat

    No Nexus 10 Support! Boooooo Google! I thought it had enough in it to take it!
  6. The Yellow Monster

    Bargain Watch: X98 Air II / 3G tablets now ~£125

    Kionix drivers downloaded and upgraded. Reg key added to fix orientation . Cooking on gas!
  7. The Yellow Monster

    Bargain Watch: X98 Air II / 3G tablets now ~£125

    Screen rotation not working on Windows 10, I suspect choosing not to keep anything when upgrading broke that. WiFi signal problems on both Windows 10 and Android.
  8. The Yellow Monster

    Bargain Watch: X98 Air II / 3G tablets now ~£125

    You simply have the Windows 10 installation files in a folder shared on your network, map to it and run setup.exe. Alternatively you just update using the official method. Make sure if doing manually, you use the "home" version, otherwise you'll need need a licence to upgrade to professional.
  9. The Yellow Monster

    Bargain Watch: X98 Air II / 3G tablets now ~£125

    I've upgraded using source on my local network to Windows 10. Chose not to keep anything when asked so that nothing remained of the original Chinese settings. All looks good now. Might wait for Paul before touching Android. Have you seen the partitions as seen from Windows? They are bonkers!
  10. The Yellow Monster

    Bargain Watch: X98 Air II / 3G tablets now ~£125

    Non 3G version arrived today! Wow! Awesome bit of kit for the money! Got my office sub redeemed. Now what? In place upgrade of Windows 10 or toy with the Android side of things? What do you recommend?
  11. The Yellow Monster

    [XXLPQ] Stock Deodexed Rooted Zipaligned ROMs

    Yes it's cwm flashable, I just did it.
  12. The Yellow Monster

    [XXLPQ] Stock Deodexed Rooted Zipaligned ROMs

    Excellent work Legend! But I think we may have trashed your bandwidth! I didn't manage to get it, have you got any mirrors? Maybe Paul could help?
  13. The Yellow Monster

    Bargain Watch: HTC DLNA Media Link @ £44 inc!

    ooooooo, too cheap not to try! Ordered!
  14. The Yellow Monster

    Andypad verdict

    Good luck on getting a good ROM working, but I've sent mine back. To give an idea of how bad the ROM/Tablet is..... I have a HP Touchpad running Cyanogen Alpha 3, and THAT was more stable! Don't misunderstand me, I think what AndyPad are trying to do is great, and if they release something else, I will consider them again. YM.
  15. The Yellow Monster

    Andypad verdict

    Hi, Had the Andypad for a couple of days now, my verdict? FAIL. The build quality feels nice, but the ROM is just HORRIBLE, sluggish, FC's etc etc etc. I'm really disapointed, I thought they might create something worthwhile but sadly, no, not enough work has gone into the ROM. It's going back, have mailed CS. YM

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