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  1. My friend has an engineering sample phone but o2 has blocked it because it appears to have an IMEI with lots of zeros in it. Is there any way of changing the IMEI or at least getting Android to report back a different IMEI? Many thanks in advance, I'm aware that there may be some legal issues with this but it is not as if the phone has been stolen. Thanks in advance, Seb
  2. I'd love to see the good work Paul's done with USB host mode (including user interface to turn it on and off) on other phones as a feature of one of the future versions of this ROM. Great ROM. Thanks Paul.
  3. I've seen this happen before. I put it down to me accidentally turning stuff off in options but I think there may be an issue here.
  4. I'd been waiting for this new kernel release for a few days now since the kernel source was made available by ZTE and as I did not see any sign of Paul working on an alpha6 release I installed flibblesan's ROM last night. The FLB Froyo 6 ROM has been great so far and I haven't had a touch screen freeze yet (but only one day in) but I would have waited for Paul's update as I've been so impressed with his work so far. Is there somewhere I could have looked to find out Paul was working on this? Sorry if I've not used the search facility properly as people love to point out on this site!
  5. I couldn't agree more with paulsss here. It seems strange that more people aren't talking about this issue more. For me its the only major issue with moving to 2.2. Luckily I've only had it twice on Alpha4 so far but I'm sure it will become more frequent like it did with my previous 2.2 ROM.

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