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  1. Does anyone know if a USB microphone would work? I have an app which uses the onboard Mic for data capture, have tried it works ok but need a bit louder input. Thanks
  2. Hi there is a fix for this problem somewhere on this site. It has to do with the Vega not the iPhone. The Vega does not support natively the ad-hoc network that kiwi creates. It involves some software mods on the Vega which I wasn't to confident in doing just yet. quote name='Genieuk' date='Dec 28 2010, 11:54' post='1534056'] I've also tried pdanet on the iphone, that does not work either. I set the iphone up as a hotspot. My laptop and all other devices connect to it fine. Only the vega cannot connect. Even tried different channels. Therefore i think the problem is at the vega end. Any ideas appreciated. Would also better if there was a solution via bluetooth, i.e. iphone bluetooth tether, or even iphone usb thether
  3. usb doesnt show up using ES file explorer?
  4. oops very slow at typing seem like it has been answered already... many thanks
  5. Hi, Many thanks works a treat usb mouse Ok and stick Ok system didnt like having stick taken out though, guess I should have been a bit more carefull and been in suspend/ sleep. One simple question, to re-enable the usb so the PC can see it do I go back and 'edit' the gscript this time selecting the slave option, saving, and then click 'usb slave' wait for it to do its stuff then reboot? many thanks
  6. Hi all, I stream very well from my iomega nas both MKV and avi not sure about wmv at the moment. I use the free UPnPlay who,s menus leave a little bit to be desired but on selecting the file over the network it then gives me the choice of player, tried most of the free ones available but Rockplayer seems the most stable and able to handle differeny formats It doesnt like the Hardware option though but the software option plays very nicely. My nas obviously has UPNP capability and so far has been bulletproof on the network and for a little over £50 is a bargain down side you supply the USB drives up side is wired ethernet and b/g/n wireless.
  7. Got mine today and it took a while for me to use the black nylon strap to prevent the flap from opening to far using it as a stand! Once figured out works OK. Not the best case in the world but cheap enough for now.
  8. trebor63

    Launcher Pro

    hi all, Will launcher pro allow me to have a different wallpaper for each home screen? Ive read somewhere that this is possible but cant find out how to do it? Thanks
  9. Hi Welsh, I have backed everthing up in titanium to the card, I think I will wait untill r5 then if it wont install go back to 1.04 then do r5. Will titanium restore all apps from the market if I buy the pro version? I tried as a test removing an app in the expectation I could go to titanium and restore it from the backup but it seems to have removed the backup as well?
  10. Ok so, If i were to reinstall 1.04 then reaply r4 would I loose everything done so far on the device, downloaded apps set up etc?
  11. Problem sorted, Was a bit of a noob with android issue. However can confirm ES wont steam anything I tried to launch either tried to transfer or wouldn't recognise the file type. Looking forward to so me sort of fix.
  12. Sorry didn't make it clear, could go into USB debugging on the Vega with a little bug and USB symbol on the notification bar. But sometime after the R4 mod the function now makes the tick turns green but no symbols on the bar. So can it be in debug mode or not?
  13. Hi, I have managed to use an old XP laptop to install R4 and I have found a windows fix to stop it automatically installing the wrong driver, I can sort out the driver problem eventually its just not being able to enter debug mode that has got me concerned.
  14. Hi, I seem to be having a bit of an odd occurance, after applying R4 on top of 1.04 when trying to enable usb debugging I now do not get the little green bug or the symbol next to it, the green tick is on but no further signs? I am trying to establish the correct driver on a win7 64 bit machine after windows took control and installed the wrong driver, I can now see a Nvidia harmony device with the driver having a yellow tag on it, but because of the above problem it wont accept the correct driver Paul supplied. I think!
  15. Hi, I have tried to run Estongs file explorer however it seems as though the notification bar is hiding the top part of the programme so I cant access some of the functions, can the app be made to run full screen or the ntification bar made to disapear?
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