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  1. My blade has been dead for a while now because it refuses to charge. I have used many different chargers but in the end it just vibrates continuously like it's trying to switch on (really irritating when you're trying to sleep btw). Does anyone know what I can do to bring it back? I have a new phone now but I still love my blade for all the tinkering... Please help! :S
  2. It's on the virgin mobile website for £199.99... but out of stock :P
  3. Cool just spotted the device online on the virginmobile site under payG and it's going for £199.99. Guessing that includes the top-up :P
  4. Daz, this may sound silly but i think i found an ICS camera that works well. Though now I'm probably guessing it's something to do with the CM9 software being unable to detect the FFC that is stopping it from working. anyway link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moblynx.cameraics&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5tb2JseW54LmNhbWVyYWljcyJd
  5. The Phones4u store in Luton had it on PayG but it was for £249.99. Should it be that price? :S
  6. Looks great! but I'll just wait until you get the browser working before I download. Can't live without the browser :P
  7. Here's a link to an app that I think is worth considering. Was last updated today and has only had 9 users. Unfortunately I don't have the space on my phone for it. https://play.google....S5nb29nbGUiXQ.. What do you lot think? Edit: Purchased it and it works great! With the minor exception of lacking sharing options, I think it's the best handwriting app out there. There's a lot of customisation options and the learning curve is not too high. Students out there, check it out :D
  8. Yay Thank you so much!! Would officially love you if you told me what stylus you use? :P Also do the written notes auto align and resize the words unless a gesture is made to start a new paragraph? I can't exactly stand making huge notes
  9. Does the 512MB ram act as a major drawback? I'm thinking of this as a back-up phone :P For anyone that knows.... :D
  10. I have been looking for styli too to accompany my nexus 7 more especially for class note taking. Does anyone know any good accompanying app i.e. handwriting app that works like supernote as well?
  11. Just that your sayings pretty much read African accent to me. Probably because most people who talk like you around me are... But I really love your optimism! :D Paul you did a terrific job with keeping up with this. Bravo sir! I keep saying I want to learn how to hack really well but haven't even gotten around to learning the basics... If I knew how to I would join #teamglossy
  12. This is a totally random question glossy... but are you African? :mellow:
  13. True... but I'm so upset by this! Didn't think my orange theory would actually be true :(
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